AED for Kids and Adults in sport

by John M in Aylesford, England, United Kingdom

AED for Kids and Adults in sport


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If an AED is used within the first minute of collapse, the victim's chances for survival are close to 90 percent.

by John M in Aylesford, England, United Kingdom

Being a First Aider, a father and a coach I realise the importance of giving something back. 

I am regularly in attendance at sporting events and activities for both children and adults, there is little funding available for any of these events and thats why I am trying to raise funds to support all the volunteers that give up their time to help others.

The figures below really underline the horrific impact cardiac arrests have on victims, especially the families of young children who suffer an attack.

  • 12 people under the age of 35 die each week from sudden cardiac arrest
  • 270 children die from sudden cardiac arrest suffered on school premises

Of the the 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrest alluded to at the start of the post, 80 per cent happen at home and another 20 per cent occur in public places where, due to a lack of proximity to defibrillators, the victim is at most risk of death.

I want to raise funds so that whenever I travel anyone who is near me has an increased chance of survival. I hope that I would never have to use this piece of kit but no one knows what will be thrown at them.

The more poeple that have access to the use of an AED the better chance they have of survival.

Any Help will be greatly appreciated.

Let's make 'AED for Kids and Adults in sport' happen

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