Crowdfunding Community Fridges

Support communities and fight food waste.

Community Fridges are sites of food sharing. They are housed in public places - where individuals and businesses can give spare edible food, and those who need food can take it. Projects have been popping up across the country, from Oldham to Old Street. 

It’s a food revolution, one fridge at a time!

In partnership with Hubbub, Crowdfunder are supporting the Community Fridge Network, helping new community fridges raise the finances needed, engaging with the local community and driving awareness for the launch of these amazing community projects


Give your project some visibility online with a Crowdfunder page, the perfect place to send people.


Access Crowdfunder's partners, who are looking for community projects across the UK to provide matchfunding for.

Up and running

Community fridges can be expensive to set up, use crowdfunding to raise the finance needed to get your community fridge off the ground

Ready to start crowdfunding your community fridge?

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Community fridge

London's first community fridge: where people can give spare food, and those who need food can take it.

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