Advice for vulnerable people

by Antoine Ndjeka-Wembo in Salford, England, United Kingdom

Advice for vulnerable people


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Foundation Mama Christine Mongi '' FMCM'' works with migrants and their families most of whom are from Africa. We will assist the vulnerable

by Antoine Ndjeka-Wembo in Salford, England, United Kingdom

We are support vulnerable persons , people with mental health issues and families around of the Greater Manchester and particularly in Salford. We as charity, our aims are to protect the members of the community against any sort of danger that they may face, at the moment there is a threat in the world, coronavirus is killing people. In addition, the people who are living rough on the streets, those in temporary accommodation, unemployment, those struggling with their finances, self -isolation , families and low levels of English. We particularly target migrants. All this means that they struggle to access of faculties in the area, which has an impact on their health and well-being.
Then, the Foundation Mama Christine Mongi (FMCM) we will assist the community in proving the right information about the coronavirus 19 which will help them to minimise the chance of getting it, and we will assist the vulnerable person in our community during the period difficile and we will buy food for them, assist with shopping.
We will therefore be working with our service users about the measure they should be taking to keep themselves and the community safe,
In addition, we will be providing practical support for those households that are self-isolating, this will include shopping form them, collect prescriptions and social contact via phone and digital means.

Let's make 'Advice for vulnerable people' happen

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