Grab yourself some free children's books

by Jacqueline Mead in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Grab yourself some free children's books
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I have published 3 children's books and would like to spend the money on advertising them, getting sales up on the books.

by Jacqueline Mead in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

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The explanation:

I would like to pay for publicity of my three children books to increase sales.

I have spent a lot of my own money in creating the books and soft advertising via google ads and facebook and now would like to take advertising them to the next level.

The books are published through AuthorhouseUK.

All the books are based on Two Princes and A Princess using their imagination and a rickety old wardrobe in their basement to have adventures. In the first book they Fly to the Moon, in the second book they Visit the Wild Wild West and in the 3rd book they visit Lapland.

The books are aimed at ages 3-7 and have a rhyming structure. They start the same and end similarly allowing the child to become familiar with word structure and sounds.

I have two further projects in hand for these adventurers and another book about a different topic.

If I can promote my existing books and through sales become recognised it would make publishing my next books a lot easier.

Any money raised would be spent with AuthorHouseUK and across Google, Facebook, Instsgram and Twitter.

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