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Well-being through the naturally occurring therapeutic and transformative opportunities horses can provide through experiential learning ...

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Our work has the potential to change lives, please help us flourish and thrive...

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Adventures with Horses facilitates learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic and transformative opportunities horses can provide, in order to create self awareness and well-being, and develop potential and skills which are transferable back into peoples everyday lives.

Please help us to help more young people thrive through transformative interactions with horses...

Adventures with Horses facilitates learning and growth through transformative interactions with horses, developing personal potential and skills which transfer forward into everyday life.

Our courses and one-to-one sessions have been found to be an inspirational way of engaging children and young people who have special educational needs. We work with children and young people, aged 10 years upwards, who have challenges, such as those diagnosed with high functioning autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and other social, emotional difficulties, or simply struggling at school or out of school including young people who are not in education, employment, or training.

The young people learn natural horse skills and a connection with the horses that can  help with :
• Being more aware of self, others and the world at large
• Calmness
• Communication
• Growth in self confidence and self esteem
• Building healthy relationships and boundaries • Motivation
 • Well-being.

It's not just about learning horses skills - every equine intervention is aimed at helping develop skills which transfer forward into everyday life. By coaching these young people, who are often stuck in negative habit patterns and low self esteem, they become more aware of how to move forward from where they are, to where they start to understand they would like to be.

What has funding helped us do so far?

Last year funding helped finance our children and young people group and one-to-one sessions throughout the year including offering bursaries and reduced fees to 44 people. This included 334 hours of one-to-one sessions, 304 hours of Art of Horse Whispering sessions for children and young people.

But we feel we have hardly started! There's many more young people who could benefit. Very few of the children and young people who come here have financial support - they tend to fall between the gaps, and their parents are paying privately for them to come here. Even when they pay the full fee - this still doesn't cover our overheads. So Adventures with Horses is falling through the gaps too! 

As a not for profit social enterprise most of our income will eventually come from running our adult personal growth, leadership and sustainable development courses, but like any business it takes three years to break even, and we still have another 6 months to go and we are now galloping towards our final hurdle. 

We are already helping to change lives...

We started running courses, programmes and one-to-one sessions in the summer of 2015, and we are already having some great feedback from the people who have experienced equine facilitated learning at Adventures with Horses. Please see some of our testimonials about what people are saying about Adventures with Horses, by scrolling down to the more about what we do section. You can also read more here

Rewards funding also helps us with the following....

Our horses cost an average of £45 a week each in feeding,  up keep and horse care.  Your donation will help towards the purchase of hay and feed for our horses - Arthur, William, Harry, Honey and Tristan. It takes very special horses to want to do this work; they are the therapists and the teachers, their role and what they give is profound and life changing. Please help them flourish and thrive, all 5 of them love doing this work.

On top of that have the monthly rent and other overheads of our facilities are £100 a week. And on top of that even when participants pay the full fee an average of 30%  goes on paying qualified assistants on sessions. Like any business it takes three years to break even, and we still have another 6 months to go. We need to raise funds, and we need to create more awareness so that more people come.

Help us develop new well-being at work courses.

Please help us develop our experiential learning courses with horses aimed at helping employees, employers self employed and young adults on the autism spectrum with well-being in the workplace.
They aim to:
• build emotional intelligence and resilience
• Increase embodiment, mindfulness and presence
• Explore ways that help reduce the work related pressures and challenges many of us struggle with at times, therefore improving well-being.
We need to raise money to get these courses off the ground, then as a social enterprise, once established the profits will then help us to fund our work with disadvantaged young people - which do not break even due.

Summary: What will happen to the money we raise

  • Developing bursaries so that more children and young people can come, through schools, charities, agencies and privately.
  • Developing our programmes for children and young people between 9 years and 25 years
  • Develop our courses and workshops in professional and personal development including looking at how equine facilitated learning can help professionals suffering from work related stress and burn out.
  • Training our human team of therapists, teachers, horse experts and volunteers.
  • Feeding and nourishing our wonderful four-legged team of equine therapists and teachers

More about what we do

By engaging with horses in experiential learning and equine facilitated education, a wide range of people, both adults and youth, can practice leadership skills, communication skills and mindfulness skills. Build self confidence, self awareness and creativity. Develop trust, empathy, and responsibility for self and others. Explore new ways of inspiring others, building teams with greater flexibility, power and creativity. Learn to set boundaries without losing sight of the whole. Reflect on challenges and develop insights and new pathways for learning which are transferable back into everyday day life.

Programmes and Courses for Children and Young People

By stepping into the world of the horse, children and young people learn essential life skills that cannot always be learned in the classroom. Example outcomes include reductions in anxiety and stress, increased self esteem, and reduced problem behaviours and hence better social inclusion. We offer programmes and one-to-one sessions.

Testimonial: "Falling through the Cracks, Horse Therapy prevented us falling into an Abyss. Our daughter is having a really tough time with severe anxiety following a disastrous transition to secondary school last year and has not attended school since. We found her school and GP were no help at all and we were unable to gain access the Child Adolescent Mental Health Service - school refusal falls between the cracks as I’ve found out. She spiraled quickly into a really, really dark place. I’d heard good things about horse therapy in the past and that’s why we decided to try it. Getting to the first session was a big hurdle – now we go every week and Sue individually tailors each session. The connection our daughter made with the horses has been amazing; I’ve watched her gradually come out of her shell and re-engage with herself and the world. At the end of one session my daughter said ‘ I love it here Mum, I can just be and forget my worries’. Horse therapy has been a powerful constant through a really difficult and ongoing journey." SD, Teignmouth

Courses, workshops and one to one sessions for adults
Experiential learning with horses is a process of enquiry, where we invite horses to become our teachers for personal development, transformative learning and nature connection. We offer experiential learning courses and workshops, and coaching and counselling sessions.

"The day working with Sue, William, Arthur and Harry was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. It took me deep into a spacious heart. I loved the bodyscan and meditation you guided, preparing us to meet with the beautiful energy field of the horses and everything that happened afterwards was a magical journey. I am changed and more connected with myself, others and the earth. I also feel as if a weight - the weight of worry or rushing has cleared from around my heart. THANK YOU ALL."
SP, Dartmoor

Courses for businesses
Step out of the office and into nature to work experientially with horses in sustainable development, leadership, building teams and well-being in the workplace. Get a fresh perspective on how to move your organisation forward and remain resilient in times of change.

Testimonial: "Such a wonderful day yesterday, being with the herd of very cool equine dudes! Thank you so much for a unique experience, and for a total break from stress, plus a few insights into how we allow modern life to herd us along when we shouldn’t. No doubt I’ll be back. Thoroughly recommended." 
JH, Plymouth

Thank you for reading! 

With Warm wishes
Sue Blagburn

Adventures with Horses CIC, Middle Stoke Farm, Holne, Devon TQ13 7SS
Tel: 07831 865259  Email:

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