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Help us get started providing one-to-one creative writing mentoring to children in and out of education.

by Mandy Hayward-Flint in Northampton, England, United Kingdom

In a land far away...

Or the place down the road...

Adventure Story aims to provide a creative writing story telling enterprise for young people in and out of education.

Dedicated, one-to-one support from a host of talented artists we want to provide a mentoring service for children to learn to express themselves.

Every child is an untold hero.


So who are we and what do we believe?


Adventure Story aim to be a creative, not for profit organisation, who work with young people; helping them knock down, jump over, dodge and duck barriers to learning and creativity. 

Where stories are the heart of what we do.

We believe that stories have a unique power to promote self-belief, self-esteem, innovate and most importantly, encourage self-empowerment.  

Adventure Story want to work with young people, schools, local authorities, parents and carers to bring confidence to young people who find education challenging and those who need extra space to create.

The young people  we aim to work with may be creative geniuses, or have specific literacy difficulties, they may be reluctant writers, or extraordinary writers- they may have mental health difficulties, they may not be in full time education –whatever their need, we will be there  for them.

Adventure Story has over ten years’ experience in working with hard to reach young people, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, providing them with the best quality education and intervention.  

For those where literacy difficulties are not the young person’s barrier to education, we aim to promote resilience and confidence through learning and exploration.

If the young people are experiencing time away from education, we want to be there to make sure they are still learning and pracitsing their knowledge and skills ready for their next school.  Or, to support those whose mental health means they often find school environment overwhelming. 

But that’s not all!

We believe in prevention.

Working closely with schools, teachers and leaders we will offer curriculums that are there to inspire young people of all ages, making sure they become lifelong learners and do not become disaffected by the challenges they may encounter in their school lives. 

Every young person deserves the right to one to one support from dedicated, experienced, qualified professionals where they feel that their individual development needs are the priority. 

Our Goals?

1- Build students' relationship with writing- develop confidence and joy.

2- Individual support- so students have the attention they deserve to excel.

3- Work with schools and the community to bring a wrap-around care.

4- Inspiration, imagination, creativity! 

How will we achieve this?

Schools and local authorities 

  • Group Projects: budding group of writers or students you feel would benefit from flexibility and creativity? We can come to you, or you to us.  
  • One to one or small group intervention. 
  • Pupil premium projects.
  • Under achieving students/groups.
  • Over-achieving students/groups.
  • Ideal for those with literacy needs outlined on EHCP.
  • Students with low attendance 
  • Students out of education 
  • Workshop days: Ideal for cross curricular days, literacy focused days e.g. World Book Day.

Parents and kids

  • After school clubs, including evening workshops
  • Help with homework, developing existing story ideas or themed writing. 
  • Holiday workshops.
  • Downloads and 'at home' story boxes.

Help us get started!!


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£5 or more

Our eternal thanks for starting a new chapter in a young person's life.

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£5 or more

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£10 or more

Adventure box: Everything you need to inspire story writing and begin a new adventure.

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