Adventure Kidz

Adventure Kidz

To bring in new, fun and educational experiences for the youth to encounter in thier lives.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

To break the norm of kids just playing at an adventure playground. I want to take them on trips and bring experiences to the adventure also.

I want to help the visual of the site be noticed and welcoming for kids and their parents. 

To put on events for the community and give the youth new experiences.

Whether it is learning about different animals in the flesh or going trips which they want to visit but for various reason cannot attend. 

Bringing the children together and organising events to help their future is so important. 

Many children do not have the means to see their favourite animals, go outside of their postcode, do football training or just make friends. 

Every change whether big or small is still a vital part in a child's progress and attitudes in life.