Adventure Allys

Adventure Allys

I have an idea that is all. I need funds to get this to reality

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This would be an UBER like app.  This would give those visiting the Pacifice NorthWest, and locals alike an easy way to find adventures and things to do withing the Seattle area.  

The app would be modeled like uber where you can locate a specific event i.e. Mountain Biking and someone that has the gear and the ability to take the group out on the adventure.  

There really is not limit on the adventure that someone could find via the app.

Kayaking, biking, hiking, mountain biking, ANYTHING.  

This would link up visitors or locals with people that live in the area and know the trails, and know the adventures.  There would be a screening/hiring process modeled after Uber/Lyft for all adventure allys.