Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

Raise funds to pay for a private Aspergers assessment, allowing me to continue my qualification and retain my employment.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have reached a roadblock and desperately need backing/support from somewhere. I always suspected I was 'different' but my uniqueness never caused such a problem that I needed answers. 

August 2016 brought about a difficult time where I was unable to pass the final module of a qualification which would allow me to continue working in the profession I do.  I believe the reason for my failure was my undiagnosed Aspergers and so I appealed the outcome of this final module. The appeal was successful based on the premise I am able to access services to receive said diagnosis.

Without the qualification my employer is unable to retain my services and I will be unemployed, having wasted the last 10 years of my life to get to this point. I have no other working options and require access to be diagnosed as a first step into continuing my personal journey and professional development. 

My CCG does not provide NHS funding for this assessment and I do not earn enough to pay for a private assessment. 'Bank of Mom and Dad' (bless them) are unable to help and I am unable to get credit from my bank for a loan. I am actually prevented from moving anything in life forwards due to money or in this case, lack of.