Gauhe&Nauman make their first DOUBLE BILL

by NOWhere & Be fruitful & multiply in London, England, United Kingdom

Gauhe&Nauman make their first DOUBLE BILL
We did it
On 20th November 2019 we successfully raised £1,750 with 129 supporters in 56 days

We are two London based choreographers who are raising money for our first-ever double bill at Chisenhale Dance Space. We need your support!

by NOWhere & Be fruitful & multiply in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We will organise an inclusive workshop for professional and non-professional dancers with all the members of our team, where we will work on different tasks around our topics.


We are two London based Choreographers (Alka Nauman, and Greta Gauhe), who are VERY LUCKY to present their challenging dance works Be fruitful and multiply & NOWhere in a thought-provoking double bill at the Chisenhale Dance Space in London on the 30th of November 2019 (tickets available here)

Unfortunately, the money from tickets won't be sufficient to pay all 10 participating dancers a well deserved fair wage. As young choreographers, we don't have any additional funds to pay our wonderful team.

We strongly believe that it is essential to pay a decent wage to dancers and other collaborating artists involved in our work! It is why we are looking for alternative ways of funding our production costs and need your support! 

We met during the MA in Developing Artistic Practice (specialisation in Performance and Choreography) at the London Contemporary Dance School in 2018 and have been supporting each other's research and process ever since. Our two works have been presented during the postgraduate showcase at the Place Theatre on May 2019 and we are now ready to present them to a wider audience. 

Here are some previous reviews of our works:

“Gauhe makes unobvious, strangely-affecting choreographic choices to present the most cohesive group work I have seen in a while.” Izzy Rogers, danceartjournal 

“The viewers are confronted with riveting questions regarding what do humans value and what will future generations consider the greatest achievements of this epoch.” Stella Rousham

If you want to read full review click: danceartjournal


Chisenhale Dance Space has given us the opportunity to showcase our works at their renown venue. Support, care and solidarity seem more important than ever today, especially for two upcoming, female choreographers. That is why we used our existing connection and decided to combine our two dance works that are both related to current political issues. The works deal with topics such as the environmental crisis and social harassment. 

In the first half of the evening “Be fruitful and multiply” by Alka Nauman will explore the ambiguous nature of plastic bags; their elegance and ugliness, as well as their daunting ability to adopt different forms.

 The second work “NOWhere” by Greta Gauhe, examines issues of racial and sexual discrimination and harassment. 6 dancers from 4 different countries and 2 different continents deal with autobiographical experiences in a gripping interplay of performance, spoken word and dance. 

In order to make this all happen, we need some financial support for our very talented, professional people who work alongside us. We really care about paying our collaborating artists, who will put a lot of time and effort into this project. Putting up your own show in London is time-consuming and we will put a lot of energy into it, so it seems important to also pay ourselves for our efforts. 

We couldn't do it without the support of our fantastic Team: 

Dancers: Marta Stepien, Flavien Cornilleau, Hannah Adams, Francis John Chan, Ghost Chan, Claudia Sillas, Lucie Palazot, Shum Pui Yung, Keity Pook, Leilah Simone Williams (graduates of London Contemporary Dance School)

Composer: Andy Trewren is a composer, instrument designer and artist, finishing his final year at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. He specialises in the sonic arts, film music, music for dance and kinetic sound-sculpture.

Photographer: Anna Jochymek is a photographer and visual artist who integrates performative practice with site-specific interventions, sculptural gestures and experimental video. She was an Honorary Research Associate at the Slade School of Art (UCL), and PhD student at the Academy of Fine Art in Poznan, Poland.

Filmmaker: Rocio Chacon is a photographer, filmmaker and artist.  As a photographer, she develops personal and commercial projects and collaborates with festivals, dance companies and institutions such as Dance Umbrella, Greenwich and Docklands Festival or The Place Theatre. Alongside photography, she also works with a video creating a dance for the camera and also documenting processes and performance. Currently, she is following a masters program at The Place

Graphic Designer: Ola Jasionowska is a graphic designer, and illustrator responsible for the visual identification of the city of Warsaw, Poland. She designed for The New York Times, Polish National Theatre, Polish Museum of Modern Art among others.

Technician: TBA by Chisenhale

How much we need to raise: 

100£ per dancer for the show in order for them to pay for their travel costs, food and time. 

100£ for our composer to pay for his travel costs, food and time.

60£ for our filmmaker so we are able to create a good quality trailer to apply for other art funds and dance festivals in the future.

60£ for Rocio Chacon who will take professional pictures of our two works. 

75£ for the technician from Chisenhale Dance Space, who will create an amazing light design for our two works. 

100£ for prints so we are able to market our double bill and to promote our show in different venues across London. 

200£ for ourselves to produce the show and to take care of all the artists involved. 

Our graphic designer Ola Jasionowska created the beautiful poster and flyers Pro Bono for us, but we would like to invite her for a delicious dinner and would like to spend 60£ on that. 

Ideally, we will have raised enough money until the 25th of November in order to pay everyone for their contribution and time. Raising enough money to support our project would help us as upcoming, female choreographers to make a step into the professional world, to establish a sustainable environment where all artists are being paid for their work. We are hoping that this will be a stepping stone into showing our work in many venues across the UK and Europe. 

Having a good quality Trailer and professional Pictures take, we hope to stand a better chance at receiving funding elsewhere. 

Your support would mean the world to us!

All members of our team would be immensely grateful to know that there are people out there who care and who want to see our works in action. Your contribution would enable young artists to proceed in fulfilling their dream of working in a professional, sustainable environment where everyone is equally valued for their efforts. 

Our works talk about really important issues in our society that we need to tackle and we are hoping to reach out to people to connect and to fight for a better future. 

More details about Us:

About Alka Nauman:
Alka Nauman is a London based queer choreographer and researcher, originally from Warsaw Poland. Alka’s interdisciplinary practice is shaped around dance, choreography, and live art. In that context, she is interested in questioning her identity, status of power, privilege and sense of belonging. She looks at choreography as a method of social research conducted through the body, as an unacknowledged way of producing knowledge. All her works are focused around social and political issues such as a critique of gentrification or nationalism. Alka also uses dance as a way of creating safe spaces, where subversive political strategies can be built. Her recent works are associated with different dimensions of care. She is currently an MA student of Developing Artistic Practice Course (specialisation in choreography) in London School of Contemporary Dance and a PEER at Studio Wayne McGregor. In 2015 she graduated with distinction from the University of Warsaw with BA Hons in Ethnology and Anthropology of Culture. Her works were shown in The Place, London, Propaganda Gallery in Warsaw, Plac Defilad, Warsaw, and Centrum w Ruchu, Warsaw.

Interview with Alka


Instagram: @alka_nauman

About Greta Gauhe:
The foundation of her contemporary dance career was laid at the Iwanson School of Contemporary Dance in Munich and consolidated during a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre as well as a Diploma in Dance Studies at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. She is the artistic director of the Follow Through Collective which collaborates with artists from various backgrounds in order to combine different art forms on stage, often creating a multi-channel experience for the audience. Her work draws attention to social, political or ecological problems and makes personal reflection tangible. They performed their work at many festivals in the UK and Europe, for example, the Resolution Festival, Emerge Festival, Laban Theatre, University of the Arts Berlin, Albany Theatre and the Camden Fringe Festival. In the meantime, Greta performed works by Florence Peake & Eve Stainton, Matthias Sperling, Sasha Roubicek, Matta Sakka (Sasha Waltz), Anna Williams, Sonja Rafferty, Gary Lambert, Marie Yagami, Roman Baca and she has been a dancer at the theatre in Würzburg. She will graduate with an MA in Developing Artistic Practice (specialisation in choreography and performance) from the London Contemporary Dance School in December 2019 and she will continue her studies during the MFA in choreography at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire as a Leverhulme Arts Scholar. 

Interview with Greta


Instagram: @gretagauhe

More details about our works: 


Taking an autobiographical perspective, the Follow Through Collective examines issues of racial and sexual discrimination and harassment. The dancers from four different countries and two different continents encounter numerous similarities in their narratives. They deal with those experiences in an interplay of dance theatre elements, performance and spoken word. Supported by an on-stage musician, NOWhere is both an attempt to openly discuss very personal stories as well as an appeal to the audience to do alike. Can we together, in a spirit of mutual trust and honesty, defeat daily societal persecution? #CANWE?

 Be fruitful and multiply:

Be fruitful and multiply was born from a fascination with the late Renaissance early Baroque phenomena of sprezzatura; a social attitude of studied nonchalance. Sprezzatura was all about showing power in the most non-efficient and aimless way. When I observe the motion of plastic bags in the wind, I can see their dance embodies pure sprezzatura, manifesting freedom of movement, laziness and, most importantly, immortality

The piece focuses on the ambiguous nature of plastic bags; on their elegance and ugliness, as well as their daunting ability to adopt different life forms. It is based on compositions from Baroque paintings, where characters are entwined in a very dynamic way, mostly in catastrophic scenes. 

Photo Credits: Camilla Greenwell Photography and Rocio Chacon




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We will make a special THANK YOU DANCE for you and post in on our social media.

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Flash drives with our work: photos, videos, outtakes, music, scores, that came out of our work!

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Individual Dance class!

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Radically Pleasant Body Workshop by Alka!

£500 or more

£500 Reward

OPTION ONE: If you are an artist/dance artist - we can support you in: planning your research, different ways/strategies of feedbacking, and our ways of creating a safe environment in the studio. OPTION TWO: Choreography needed at your event! OPTION THREE: Private performance in your garden or living room!

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