Adela Road improvements

by Keiran Moon in Torpoint, England, United Kingdom

Adela Road improvements


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Adela Road is the gateway to Thanckes Park, yet it has been left to ruin. We wish to fix this for the people of Torpoint to access and enjoy

by Keiran Moon in Torpoint, England, United Kingdom

The Antony, Clarence and Sydney Road's Residents Association was formed in December 2o18 to represent its residents in decisions made about those roads but also to help improve life for all who live, work and use them.

Adela Road is a problem for the town: 

There is an established public right of way that stretches along it, but there is not a clear consensus of where that path actually lies.

Thanckes Park is a jewel in Torpoint's crown. Adela Road is the southern entrance to the park and yet residents cannot use it. Expansion of the park's use is limited and larger civic events cannot happen until access is sorted.

Ownership of the road is unclear. It was probably intended to be an access road that joined Antony, Clarence and Sydney roads to Thanckes Park and what ever development grew up next to it. Unfortunately the building contractor (Amos Sleeman) became bankrupt before Clarence Road or Antony Road were finished and work stopped. Ownership would in this case have reverted to the crown unless his debt was bought by another party.

Cornwall Council built houses on Adela road which were then transferred to the Guinness Trust, at this point the road should have been adopted but was not.

Bungalows for the elderly were built at the end of Sydney road and yet the road was not adopted and Ambulances and emergency vehicles now struggle to got to them.

Cornwall Council now intended to build assisted living houses on the land at the end of Clarence Road. We whole heartily support this and applaud their commitment to assisted living in the community however again they do not intend to adopt the road. We feel this creates is a still more dangerous situation for residents and those new disabled residents who will be leaving there house to an unmade road which wheel chairs can not go on.

Last year a disabled woman died on the road as she fell in the road yet no remedial work was undertaken.  

We intend to fund raise to show he council that we want this to happen and that we are willing to help pay for it to happen.


Let's make 'Adela Road improvements' happen