Sponsored weight loss for a great cause

Sponsored weight loss for a great cause


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Started on 11th June 2021 Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 18th June 2021

Week 1 update . Started off at 32 stone 7 pounds at my peak last Friday. Nearly 12 pounds off week 1 . Really happy with my start but treating it as just that. Hard work will continue. Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who has donated so far


Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 25th June 2021

Week 2 update

Week 2 - almost 5 pounds off again for a total of nearly 17 pounds in 2 weeks . Aim is 3-5 pounds per week at the start so happy with this . Again thanks to all who have donated . Have a great weekend folks 


Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 2nd July 2021

Week 3 update

1625210521_13f74186-a367-4793-a2b5-dce2189bebe0.jpegStarted my weight loss journey 4 weeks ago at 32 pounds and 7 ounces . My first goal was to get down to 30 and something after the first month . So glad I’ve got there and the hard work continues.Thank you for your continued support . I couldn’t do it without it . 

Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 9th July 2021

Week 4 update . Weight down again by 6 pounds. Started on the nutrilean foods for lunch and dinner and they make meals so much easier so shout out to them . As always thanks for the support guys . Looking forward to getting the first digit down to a 2


Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 16th July 2021

Week 5 update

1626414347_3a498950-c78e-4c3e-84e0-7391826a72ec.jpegStrange feeling this week . Lost roughly 6 pounds again. Absolutely gutted I just missed my goal of the first number starting with a 2 . Started my weight loss journey 6 as a bit weeks ago and have lost 2 stone and 7 pounds so far . So I am over the moon about that . The competitor in me however is gutted to miss out by half a pound . But I will get there next week . Thanks as always for all the support . 

Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 23rd July 2021

Week 6 update .

First goal hit to have the first number start with a 2 . Think I’ve probably lost a bit more than this but the heat has made everything so swollen . But this is just the start . It needs to continue . Birthday and a week off this week so if I can maintain this weight and maybe lose 2 or 3 pounds this week I will be extremely happy . But I’ll not be going too mad !! 


Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 6th August 2021

Week 8 update

After a week off on holiday and enjoying myself . Back on it this week with a further 3 and a half pound weight loss this week so happy with that and now back in the swing of things. Total of 3 stone off now since the end of may so happy with that and will keep the hard work coming . Thanks as always for continued support !!!  


Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 13th August 2021

Week 9 update

Another just under 4 pounds off this week . For a total weight loss of 3 stone and 3 pounds so far . So still going in the right direction. Thanks as always for your support

Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 20th August 2021

Week 10 update

Another 2 and a quarter pounds off this week for a total weight loss of 47 pounds in a total of 11 weeks including a week off !! . Really pleased it’s still going the right way . A lot to keep going with but in the right frame of mind now . Thanks for all the support as always 1629476369_3d98e541-d878-4f5e-b80e-9b927e016a48.jpeg

Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 28th August 2021

Week 11 update .

Further 3 pounds off this week so still on track for my overall goal of 10 stone in a year , total lost so far of 50 pounds in 13 weeks so defo going the right way and thanks as always for the support 


Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 10th September 2021

Week 13 update .

Had a bit of a wobble last week but weight back down this week and on track for my goal by this time next June . Thanks as always for the support and help towards a great cause 


Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 18th September 2021

Week 14 update .

Can’t upload photo for whatever reason but will keep trying through the week . Another 2.5 pounds off this week down to 28 stone 6 so a total weight loss of 4 stone so far at 3.25 pounds per week so hoping that continues . Thanks for the support as always 

Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 24th September 2021

Week 15 update

1632484795_676f4328-6371-435e-9c3d-fca2e085a0b7.jpegAnother 2 pounds off this week to take me down to 28 stone 4 pounds . Still going in the right direction . Gonna try and tighten the diet slightly further this week as a few bad habits creeping in again . But a loss is a loss ☺️ The battery is dying in my scales so I must replace it at some stage lol

Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 9th October 2021

Week 16 update .

1633765417_e9be40d5-39a6-413b-8ef6-33efd111d35c.jpegAnother couple of pounds off this week so defo still tracking in the right direction . Total weight loss of 4 stone 7 pounds so far . Getting tougher to get the 2-3 off a week but just gotta keep trying . Thanks for the support as always 

Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 22nd October 2021

Week 17 update

1634931638_04ff2325-7a42-49f3-9719-ca0e401c393d.jpegWeight hasn’t changed much the last week or so so trying a couple of weeks of intermittent fasting to kick start the drive again . Still ecstatic with overall weight loss but just keen to keep momentum going

thanks as always for all support

Peter Hawthorne posted an update on 30th October 2021

Week 18

Another couple of pounds off this week . Getting closer to halfway to my goal so keeping the spirits up and trying to get a bit extra off before Christmas to enjoy Christmas . Thanks as always for the support 


As most people who know me will know, I have always struggled with my weight but lockdown ( and a lack of effort from myself ) have caused this to increase significantly. As of today I weigh 32 stone and 7 pounds. The reason I am choosing to do this for charity is two fold. Firstly I need to lose the weight for obvious reasons as I am only 28 and need to do something soon. Secondly, my mother tragically passed away in February of this year and I promised her that I would lose weight as she always worried about it. I believe that raising money for a good cause is one of the best ways to motivate myself to do this. We all know someone who has lost someone to the terrible illness that is cancer, and Marie Curie were fantastic at the end of my Mother's life so I want to give something back whilst fulfilling my promise to my Mum. The aim will be to lose 1 stone per month until I get down to 20 stone this time next year and reassess my goals from there. If anyone should happen to be in my company for this period, then do not offer me a biscuit!

I will upload various weigh ins and videos of me in rocky style training montages in due course

Thank you to all who donate 


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