Adaptation Project FLM2300 Producing & Directing

Adaptation Project FLM2300 Producing & Directing

Me and my team are rising money in order to adapt only 3 minutes of a novel or a play which is an assignment for our University project.

We did it!

On 13th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £55 with 7 supporters in 28 days

We are raising funds for our budget for the (Middlesex University) project. Our project is about adapting a scene for only 3 minutes from a novel, or play. 

Director’s Adaptation:

London, 1965; Rachel, an uneducated single mother, who makes a living as a cleaner, but struggles to have enough money to provide for her seven children. This is because Rachel makes rash decisions in buying too many items from a catalogue for the children, and not having the money to pay later. Although she gets herself in rash situations, Rachel comes across a caring, and a loving mother doing what is right for her children. However, life gets more difficult when Rachel is pregnant again, this time with twins.

Jennifer, who comes across as cold and self – centred, using others for her own gain, such as hiring Rachel to do all the cleaning for her at her house. Jennifer is a lonely housewife, with her husband working at long hours, and her and husband are unable to have children of their own. When the twins are born, Jennifer wants one of the twins, as she promised her husband that she was able to have children after all. Rachel makes a hard decision, and gives one of her twin boys to Jennifer.

One day, Rachel is cleaning at Jennifer house, and Jennifer decides to have Rachel relieved of her duties. Jennifer interprets that Rachel’s work is deteriorating, when really she wants her gone because of fussing over her child she now owns. She gives Rachel money to leave, Rachel however will not leave without her son, but Jennifer stops her. Rachel dares to tell someone about this, but Jennifer says if Rachel anyone knows what happened, and the twins grow up knowing the truth, the twins will immediately die.

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