Adaptation of Martin McDonagh's 'The Pillowman'

Adaptation of Martin McDonagh's 'The Pillowman'

We are aiming to raise £100 in order to produce a student adaptation of Martin McDonagh's 'The Pillowman'.

We did it!

On 24th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £35 with 5 supporters in 28 days

'The Pillowman' is oft regarded as one of the best plays written this century. Its discussion of child abuse and its impact on an individual's development into adulthood remains a pertinent subject in our society, therefore we believe this play would be perfect to adapt into the medium of film. However, we simply do not have the budget to produce a film which can do the source material justice, hence we must ask for your help in raising a budget for our short film.

In this scene, Katurian is being interrogated by Inspector Tupolski and Detective Ariel for the gruesome content in his stories, which are linked to recent child murders.

The scene heightens when Ariel leaves the room and Katurian's child-like older brother is then heard being tortured from across the corridor.

Our scene ends when Katurian is exposed to a peculiar looking sealed metal box. After much dispute, he eventually opens it and is faced with the horrific sight of a child's severed toes inside of the box.

Our crew involves students from Middlesex University, one of the best when it comes to film production. We ask you to help us raise a budget to be able to source props, costumes, actors and locations. Even the smallest donation can go a long way.

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