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I set up this page to help an inspirational human being. Adam Amin, aged just 19, and dedicated to his pursuit of finding the perfect wave.

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I set up this page to help an inspirational human being.  Adam Amin, aged just 19, and dedicated to his pursuit of finding the perfect wave since he started at age 14.  He is currently in Hawaii sofa surfing and exploring the island.... Here is an excerpt from his Facebook profile:


Yesterday was one of the best days of my life, if not THE the best!!!! 
I knew the contest for jaws was going to be on and therefore the road which leads to jaws was going to be closed off to the public. So I tried sneaking past security at 5.30 in the morning but they beat me there. I then decided to go to malico harbour which is five miles away and try to get a ride with some boats heading that way, they turned me down and said there is not enough space therefore I decided that this was not going to stop me from fulfilling my dream. I decided to attempt to paddle around 3 headlands to get there. I started and got quarter of the way until a jet ski came up beside me and not only did they give me a ride with my board to jaws but the guy in the ski was Greg Long which is my hero and is a huge pioneer to the sport if big wave surfing. We got there after much turbulence and I witnesses 40-50ft waves breaking in front if me! I paddled out with not much safety equipment with 5 other if my heroes sitting right next to me. We all spotted a huge wave in the distance and we all paddled out and I saw my opportunity to prove that I can surf jaws so I turned around while all the others were paddling over the wave and caught this monster. I caught it and rode down what seemed like riding down a liquid mountain. I got to the bottom and looked up.... It was the size of two houses above me. I then noticed that I was going to make it until there was a bit of white water blocking my way. I got taken out by this white water just after riding along the face and it felt like the ocean collapsed in me. I held my breath and took the beating as long as I could and finally made it to the surface of the water, I then noticed huge waves coming towards me again and I got pounded again and again my huge waves, I then got very tired and ended up very close to rocks until suddenly a jet ski rider picked me up and took me to safety. What a legend, he took me to the channel and the contest started moreover I watched the entire event from the channel for five hours while talking to all of my heroes of the sport in one place! I was on heaven ;D after the event I went home and noticed the awards ceremony was going to be across the street so I went there and talked and got picture with all of them... Coming soon ;D 

There's a video above containing the footage of the day Adam surfed Jaws!!!!


I want to help Adam continue his dream, and a small donation would help to buy the saftey equipment and essential supplies to keep him going! Please share this page on social media as much as possible, and hopefully together we will help him succeed...


Thanks in advance,


 Adam has been featured in Carve magazine!!!!!

here's the link, it's a great article...

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