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UK Youth are helping more than 2,600 young people from England's most deprived areas make a positive change and get active!

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The Need

There are thousands of young people, particularly in the most deprived parts of England, who have never engaged in any sport or physical activity of any kind. This lack of activity has a negative impact on their physical health, mental well-being, self-esteem and motivation. We plan to do something about this! 

“The rate of participation of 16-25 year olds taking part in sport has declined” - Sport England Youth Insights Pack August 2014

“Childhood obesity is a significant issue … 23.6% of reception age children are considered to be either overweight or obese and by the time they reach year 6 this has increased to 31.7%.” - Carlisle City Council Sport and Physical Activity Strategy 2013-17

“Anti-social behaviour can be addressed by using sport as an engagement tool, particularly for young people.” - Leicester City Insight into Sport and Physical Activity Participation  

The Solution

Sport has a really important role to play in lowering youth social exclusion. This means that sport can make a real difference in helping young people to get involved in their community, make friends and build their confidence and motivation. Sport not only increases individuals’ self-esteem, builds community spirit, increases social interaction and improves health and fitness, it also creates employment and reduces the temptation to engage in anti-social behaviour.

If you have experienced first hand the positive impact that sport can have, you'll understand exactly why this project is so important. To make a real change to young people's lives through physical activity, Sport England have identified four things that need to happen:

  • Help more people have a sporting habit for life
  • Create more opportunities for young people to play sport
  • Nurture and develop talent
  • Provide the right facilities in the right places

 We know that this is achievable with your support! 



UK Youth's ‘Active Youth’ Programme

'Active Youth' is a 2 year programme dedicated to getting young people from deprived areas in Cumbria, Leicestershire, Cheshire West and the Wirral involved in physical activity. 

Working alongside regional youth associations, local youth clubs and local authorities, UK Youth will work with 2,640 currently inactive young people by delivering an initial 6-session 'get active' course, and laying the foundations for further development of the programme in other areas of the UK.

The programme will provide training and accreditation to local young activity ambassadors across the two years, who will promote a peer-led approach to physical activity. These ambassadors will be involved in the design of the programme and each work with further young people in their community who are not regularly undertaking exercise.

To reach as many young people as possible in the most deprived areas of England with this high impact initiative, and to also create a lasting legacy for those communities, through the production of resources, tools and infrastructure, we require a total of £350,000. UK Youth have successfully been awarded just under £300,000 funding from Sport England, meaning we now have a funding gap of just over £50,000. 

Want more information on 'Active Youth'? Find out more about this amazing project here. 

The Power of Sport

Here's an example of how UK Youth use the power of sport to make an impact on young people's lives: 

Rewards include an exclusive 3 course dinner at Boisdale, Canary Wharf, with Nigel Mansell CBE and other very special VIP.


The Rewards


About UK Youth

UK Youth have been working to better the lives of young people for over 100 years, and our experience is second to none.

Through our network of youth development organisations across the UK, we empower 729,694 young people to take control of their own lives with the support, encouragement and opportunities they need to help them reach their full potential and grow into confident, capable adults who lead fulfilling lives. In 2014/15 over 68,583 of these young people took part in our innovative programmes, gained accreditation or attended our outdoor learning centre at Avon Tyrrell. 

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