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by BUD community CIC in London, England, United Kingdom

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Thank you to our supporters! Due to our match fund partners no longer matching funding projects here, we have had to stop our crowdfunder.

by BUD community CIC in London, England, United Kingdom

Thank you to our supporters!

However, due to our match fund partners no longer matching funding projects here, we have had to stop our crowdfund mid-flow. We were relying on this fund to help us get started, but it doesn't mean we are giving up on creating an opportunity to be Activated Online! 

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Anyone that has pledged already will be fully refunded. We can’t thank you enough for believing in us and stay in touch!


“Staying connected is an essential part of keeping well during these challenging times. Draw on support you might have through your friends, family and other networks and ask for help if you need it.“ (

We need to connect more than ever! Leadership in our communities and businesses can be challenging on an average week. However at this moment, due to isolation and Covid-19, it is vital that we connect authentically and meaningfully to continue to support our community.

This innovative online ecosystem will give an opportunity to share those challenges and offer support. It will connect 100 community leaders of positive change in Lambeth online. We will also host online meet-ups.

What are we trying to achieve?

It has become clear that during these difficult times, when people are all looking at their community leaders for ideas and support, these leaders need to maintain their own strength and motivation in order to support their communities.

Our goal is to build an online ecosystem of leaders serving other leaders in Lambeth. It will activate a culture of reciprocity, authenticity and creativity to sow seeds for positive change. It’s time we start supporting each other!

This online ecosystem will:

- Enable leaders of change to build their support systems

- Empower leaders to be creative and continue to be motivated for change

- Equip leaders by offering tools, resources and workshops online

How is it going to work?

- 1:1 onboarding to identify skills and show how to use the platform

- Showcase offers and needs through platform and via email

- Opportunities to share challenges and offer support in group sessions

- Bi-Weekly Online Events

- Access to discounted training, workshops and coaching

By supporting our ecosystem, you will create this innovative, inclusive and inspiring community of leaders for positive change.

Why now?

Since the necessity to isolate due to Covid-19, BUD conducted interviews with several Lambeth Community Leaders and they all expressed their need of connecting online with other leaders such as themselves in order to receive support and tools from people who are facing similar challenges.

One quoted "Connection would make the biggest difference for me right now".

The journey that's lead us here:

We're pleased to say that we have been facilitating and enabling others to lead change since 2014.

In July last year, we organised an event called ‘Activate! The Best Leaders create Leaders’ that brought together 100 community and business activists from London to celebrate, connect and collaborate for positive change. 

The event triggered conversations about the lack of space for leaders to simply connect, share experiences and offer advice to each other. Motivated by the feedback from Activate! participants, we started designing an ecosystem of leaders serving other leaders. 

We recognise that we cannot lead change alone, we need others and also need to continue to give. We give not just to receive but because we hold and carry value within us.


"I've been able to get my idea up and running again and connect with some really special people who can help me achieve my dream" 

"These spaces are so rare in our everyday lives and it's amazing to be able to come and be helped" 

"Realising that I don't have to lead from the front. It's lovely to be able to include people and take people on a journey" 

Now we wish to create the same environment and culture but online!


Why an online ecosystem?

Especially now, having in mind the impact of Covid-19 on our communities, we see the urgency of having an online space dedicated to leaders. This innovative platform will be not only accessible but also will enable the leaders to build their support systems in time convenient for them. 

Our ecosystem essentially will be a source of skills, knowledge, learned experiences and resources for positive change.


Why Lambeth?

Having worked in Lambeth for the past 6 years, we've worked alongside several diverse networks across the borough and know that we can bring them together and learn more, do more and ultimately be stronger. 

What makes our project great?

Our ecosystem is based on collaboration. Leaders will be serving other leaders.We empower leaders by helping them uncover the value and skills. We allow individuals and organisations to create their own legacy by building capacity. This project will provide the support those community leaders need now.

Who are we?

As a team we offer facilitation, coaching and consulting to individuals, change makers, businesses, social enterprises, and community groups for positive change. We have been working to plug this gap between a desire to lead change and having the tools and support to do so since 2014. 

Our mission is to help others achieve the most by obtaining skills from those around them. By incorporating our values into our methods, we guide our clients along the pathway to success. 

We build and train leaders to be empowered and enabled to fearlessly develop strategy, engage their audiences and leave a legacy. 

Our programmes are designed to continue to build capacity by training other trainers and leaders to equip others in their enterprises and communities. 

We believe that together we can build better economies and places. 

Visit to learn more.

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