Action on School Congestion

Action on School Congestion

We are raising money to pay for a campaign that will reduce cars coming and going from our school - it's chaos out there!

We did it!

On 1st Jun 2017 we successfully raised £2,020 of £2,000 target with 44 supporters in 28 days

There is a long history of traffic congestion at school drop off and pick up times at St Mewan Primary School (west of St Austell).

This seems to have been getting worse and has in recent months resulted in near misses involving pedestrians, vehicles being hit and altercations with local residents where police have had to be called.

91af59c31738284bf6e05c6b5c771e4b.pngOtter says: "It’s time we did something to change this!"

Various initiatives are already being tried:

  • a Facebook group promotes ideas and discussion plus considerate driving and parking
  • the school car park has been re-tarmaced with new line markings and signage to encourage safer parking
  • frequent reminders go out in the school newsletter
  • the bus route has been extended and advance tickets are available at a discount, this has already doubled the number of children regularly using the bus
  • walk-to-school week last year saw lots of children - and parents - walking to school

On the back of this we won a Lottery grant for £7,650 to pay for campaign materials to boost green travel even further and to continue to promote safe and considerate driving and parking. Sadly this was not quite enough to do all the things we want to do and so we need to raise a bit more - please can you help?

Whatever we raise will be matched by the lovely people at AXA Insurance who are keen to encourage road safety (makes sense when you think about it!)

So if we hit our £1000 target we get £2000!

This money will be used to pay for:

  • 1000 sticker cards for children who choose green travel (bus, walking, cycling, lift share etc)
  • 20,000 reward stickers
  • 500 green travel badges 
  • 800 books of bus tickets to get more kids on the bus (provided by our friends at Roselyn Coaches)

Every penny counts so please help us get to our target.

We're a committed group of parents and school staff who really want to change things and make life easier and safer for us all while reducing our impact on the environment. If our campaign is successful we plan to share the ideas with all schools in Cornwall so your help will go a very long way!

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