Action Against Hunger Peru Project

Action Against Hunger Peru Project

Action Against Hunger is a charity that provides food and malnutrition treatment to children all over the world, please help me to help them

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On 3rd Dec 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 44 days

Hi, my name is Gavin, i am a first year university student studying archaeology and anthropology. The opportunity has come up for me to trek the Andes to Machu Picchu in Peru next Summer, 2016. To be able to go on this trip i aim to raise at least £2,990, out of this £1,495 goes directly to the charity Action Against Hunger, anything raised above the goal amount also goes directly to the charity, so the more i can raise the better!                                                              As can be seen in the above images Action Against Hunger provide food, and treatment for malnutritioned children all over the world. They operate in 47 different countries, and the number of children saved rises year on year. The 157,000 figure from 2012 is now closer to 400,000 saved in the last year! As you can probably tell from the unprofessional quality of my description this is my first time using Crowdfunder. But please don't let that put you off helping me achieve my target and helping the children of Peru who greatly need the food and treatment the charity can provide. As many as 40% of Andean families are living in food poverty. With some 30% of children suffering the effects of malnutrition. And please do not think i am just getting a free ride on a trip abroad, i myself have had to contirbute a registration fee, half of which also goes directly to the charity, also i will be attempting to give up smoking to be able to better cope with the high altitude conditions, and any money i save from this i will be putting directly into the funds i need to raise for Action Against Hunger. If i can even raise a small percentage of what is needed from this then it would be so much appreciated, by myself, the charity, and of course the children and their families that need your help. Many thanks in advance to anyone who gives to this cause.

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