Act Fund

Act Fund

Act Fund is the first platform allowing you to fund unique projects by simply giving your time! And we need fund to finish it!

We did it!

On 9th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £259 with 11 supporters in 42 days

As you know, starting up a social entreprise is a long and complex journey...

I am a student, and as a student, I got a lots of projects. Cool project that can make a massive difference on the World we are living on!

For example, with some friends, we've launched a website where you can plant trees for free (GIVAGO) Cool no?

But as a student, I am always broke. So when my friend are having amazing projects, the only thing I can do is sharing their projects on Facebook, twitter and co (How frustrating is that? Not being able to actually help them...).

But from now, with your help, we will all be able to help them by giving time, not money. 

Untill now, I have been running on my fund, and unfortunately I am runing out...

I need your help. You do not have to give me £ to help me! You time will do the work!



Let's get this platform alive together!

It is supper easy to help ActFund; you can either:

  • Give us some money £ (You don't have to!)

  • Dedicate some time for our sponsors (Go on our website! Here to help!)

  • Sharing the project with your friends / familly / connections (Pleaaaase! Use facebook, twitter, google plus, msn, pigeons...)

  • Be creative, creat a logo for us and post it here (That would be AMAZING)

We are raising money in order to:

  • Develop the back office (£1,000)

  • Pay the fees to start up the company (£1,500)

  • Create our visual identity (£400-1000)

  • Be able to run an advertising campagne, goodies (£3,000)

  • And trust me we will have to pay other stuff....

As soon as the back office will be done, we will open our website to all of you!

You will then be able to fundraise money for your project without making your friends to get their wallet out of their pockets!

How cool is that? We are nearby! We just the little final push!

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I already love you,


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