Act for Heroes

Act for Heroes

To create a series of workshops in creative arts for the general public, ex-servicemen and women and those with learning disabilities.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

To produce a series of workshops in Production Management, Voice and Speech, Acting, Creative Writing and Design. These workshops will culminate in a large scale community production at Bolsover Castle (Derbyshire) in July 2017. This work is designed to enhance communication skills, self-confidence and self belief. Many of the subjects available will also provide transferable skills to the workplace.

Benefits to the participants include-

1- Developing Communication and Lieracy skills.

2- Improving self-esteem and confidence.

3- Working purposefully and successfully as part of a team.

These worksops will be conducted in ate February-June 2017.

The amount that is sought from funding is £7450.00p

4- Introducing and identifying pratising skills and abilities that can be developed and transferred to the workplace and life in general.

5- Cultivating the potential for co-ordinating and managing groups of people in a leadership capacity.