Acres of Hell - Short Film

by Kellie Sheppard in Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Acres of Hell - Short Film
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"It's time to reap the harvest..." A short black comedy by students at Falmouth University.

by Kellie Sheppard in Falmouth, Cornwall, England

The Story 

Set in the depths of the English countryside, Acres of Hell is the story of a Cornish farmer called Jack. Left alone after the death of his wife, he spends his days drowning his sorrows and trying to scrape together enough stock to keep his farm, and his life, afloat.   

Late at night, in a drunken haze, Jack stumbles upon two old scarecrows in his barn. 

One in the image of Jack. One in the image of his wife. They made them a few months before she passed.

In a fit of rage at the hand life has dealt him, Jack lashes out at the female scarecrow and destroys it. 

Little does he realise, the bond between scarecrows is extremely strong. And that if you sever that bond, you awaken dark forces the likes of which cannot be trifled...

Our Aim?

By playing off common western, horror and action film troupes, we aim to make a comedic, self-aware genre parody that also carries a poignant message. To do this, we need your help.

Why We Need You?

The whole crew is extremely excited about this project, and pre-production is well underway. Due to the projects scope and ambition, however, it has become clear that in order to make the best version of this film possible we will need a budget. This is to cover expenses such as paying actors, locations and props. Anything you can give, however much, will be greatly appreciated and help turn our idea into a reality. 

The Crew   

Director - Will Butters 


Growing up, Will was a keen actor. Over the years, though, he found himself more and more interested in what was going on behind the scenes. This brought about his desire to become a director, and so he enrolled to study Film at Falmouth University. Before starting his studies, Will spent a year out to try and gain as much hands on experience as possible. Working at companies such as Industrial Light and Magic, Films@59 and Spectrecom Films left him with no doubt that he wanted to spend the rest of his life working in the crazy world that is filmmaking! 


Producer - Kellie Sheppard


Kellie is an aspiring producer from Weston-super-Mare. Whilst at film school, she has expanded her knowledge and skills through module projects and her own creations. She is very excited for Acres of Hell as it offers a difficult challenge, both creatively and practically. Once Kellie finishes at Falmouth, she hopes to get a job at a well-known production company, making environmental and factual programmes, and work her way to the top.

Director of Photography - Ollie Couch 


Coming from a background of photography and fine art, Ollie's main interest lies in cinematography. He takes inspiration from contemporary D.O.P's such as Rodger Deakins and Lingus Sandgren with their approaches to colours, lighting and framing. Prior to his studies, he competed in the Reel Film Challenge. This saw him travel from Cornwall to Budapest directing and producing Wild Blood, which went on to win 'Judges Choice' at the end of the competition. Further to this, another of his films, Flatline, was nominated multiple times at the London Future Film Festival. Having worked on several projects already with Will and Ryan, he is looking forward to continuing their working relationship and collaborating with the other members of the crew for the first time on Acres of Hell.

Sound Designer - Ryan Evans


Ryan is the sound designer for Acres of Hell. You can usually find him either in the cinema, hidden away in an edit suite or behind the DJ decks at a party. It is this love for music, plus the films of Darren Aronofsky and David Lynch, that sparked Ryan's desire to explore sound design. When home, he works with Verri Media - a local Brighton film company. This has seen him act as a runner at the Astellas Innovation Debate and work on projects for Canon in London. This first hand experience of the industry has inspired him to become a successful filmmaker and make the most of his time at Falmouth.

Editor - Luke Saunders


Having previously run his own production company, Luke has had the opportunity to experience every job role within filmmaking. Furthermore, he has spent the last five years studying the art of film and video production. He is really looking forward to working on Acres of Hell as he feels that the project, ambitious in its scope and aims, will give him the opportunity to shine and test his skills as an editor. Away from filmmaking, he loves photography, cooking and playing his guitar.

Production Designer - Eliza Banzurkova


With family in the industry, Eliza has been around filmmaking all of her life.  Growing up on set taught her a lot, and she hopes to harness everything that she has learnt over the years to create a visual style for the film that immerses the audience without breaking the illusion of reality. From a young age, she used drawing as an outlook for her creativity, before later moving on to creating props and costumes. These have ranged from stunning carnival masks and string puppets to ambitious theatrical costumes and stop motion sets. As her pool of talents have grown so has her passion for production design, and she cannot wait to get started on Acres of Hell.

Screenwriter - Edward Hanlon

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