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by acmepropertyservices in Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom

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A new business to provide quality property services which are competetive and very reliable in both the domestic and commercial markets.

by acmepropertyservices in Abergavenny, Wales, United Kingdom

ACME Property Services Limited ..... "simply making the difference. We'll take out all the worry so you don't have to".

About Me:

I am a 46 year old married man with a young family and currently living in South Wales in the United Kingdom.

I personally thrive on making that difference and delivering a great customer experience, seeing satisfied people gives me the continued drive to deliver for excellence,  for continuous improvement and to ensure the highest possible standards to the business.

I am reliable, diligent, trustworthy, hardworking and very dependable which has served me well in my employment history but I would say that my strongest skill is my people orientated approach that allows me to bring out the best in people

 What's my business Idea?

I plan on offering a range of property services including planned and reactive maintenance contracts/works for both domestic and commercial clients through a business called ACME Property Maintenance Services.

I will be looking to develop the business in to a 'one-stop' shop by offering multi-services. This one 'point of contact' makes life easier for clients as they only have to make that one call as opposed to possibly making several calls to multiple trades and sub-contractors. This also ensures business competetiveness against others as margins are kept in-house and thus savings can be passed on to customers. It also ensures that projects can be managed better under one roof.

What are my goals?

My goal is to start a business in the same sector that I previously worked in and revisiting some of the large national company's that were previously clients and with those previous strong relationships a number of them have expressed an interest in seeing me back in the industry which is why I am confident that I can build a long term and sustainable business that not only improves my family life but also helps to improve the local communities too.

So what makes ACME special?

ACME will be that reliable Company that turns up  when they say they will. ACME will be that Company that delivers exactly whats it says it will and to the standards expected. We will be that ethical and authentic Company that will provide you with transparency together with honest high standards of  work.

I will be utilising as much local resources and skills recruited from the local communites which will create employment in those areas. I will be upskilling and providing apprenticeships to the youth which again adds to the wealth and sustainability of the area.

We will eventually look at working on local community projects and sponsoring local community organisations which will further improve local areas.

What are my short term goals?

In the short-term, the business will offer general trades such as plumbing, carpentry, painting and decorating, glazing, tiling, flooring and general building and handyman services. All tradesmen will be DBS checked (Disclosing and Barring Service which now replaces the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks and the Independant Safeguarding Authority ISA) checks) checked and thus leading to increased work opportunities to include schools, creches, banks, hospitals and airports which for obvious and correct reasons have very strict guidlines, regulations and security restraints.

Whilst setting up this campaign, I am already in advanced talks for maintenance works for a potential client who manages hundreds of letting houses which are let out for student accomodation from a nearby university. On top of this, I have contacts to a nearby 24-bedroom hotel that requires various  maintenance and refurbishment works and two leads  of work at domestic properties. Once this operation goes live, I will also be looking to re-visit all of my old leads and previous clients that I personally sourced at my last company with view of procurring their business in to mine. I have the benefit of knowing how those customers operate, how their systems work, how their managerial layers work as well as their general administrative processes and procedures work. I know how to manage those client expectations and have solely managed some of those accounts previously.

Why Crowdfunding?

To enable the business to commence, I have calculated start-up cash of £25,000 to cover initial capital investment in transport and IT. There will also be capital investment into plant and equipment, communications equipment and as well as this there will also be money for working capital. I will not be looking to operate from an office from inception and thus minimising expenditure by working from my domestic abode which again is appropriate as the business is generally not customer-facing from an office point of view with most contact generally being held at clients premises. Again much of the companys statutory, financial, personnel and compliance issues will be initially dealt with by myself as per my background which will allow my start-up costs to be minimi and the business will be run leanly so that is why i need to use a crowdfunding reward system so the business does not start with a debt burden that would increase the risk of the business not being successful.

So what's the the Market like?

The repair and maintenance sector is a generally more reliable sector compared to say new builds and whilst both show increases over the last few years, repair and maintenance peaks and troughs are way less dramatic than say new builds* (* Office of National Statistics October 2016 bulletin). Aside of Public non-residential and infrastructure spending, "all repair and maintenance" comes in as one of the largest contributors to the construction sector.

Whilst there are other contractors out there doing similar activities, none locally provide the DBS checks on staff and so there is a market for me to further explore. I am also not aware of any contractor/businesses that offer the full 'under one roof' services which I am intending to deliver within my medium to long term goals plan too.

What will I do with your donation?

Your initial donation will allow me to get the business off the ground and allow me to start building a sustainable business for the future.

Whether you donate, donate for a reward or donate for equity your donation (equity funding will be via Crowdcube, Crowdfunders sister business *) will allow the business to start and will be the seed capital to build and ethical business that plays a positive part in the community.

* Crowdfunder does not support Equity funding as it is not FCA registered but if that is something that you would be interested in, then please follow that soon on Crowdcube as I will be setting up an Equity Funding campaign on there to. But if you require further details on that in the meantime then please do not hesitate to message me or email me at the adresses at the bottom of this campaign).

So what about donation rewards?

Hopefully you can see the potential to make a huge difference with your donation, whether you donate a small amount or a larger one but whatever your contribution it all makes a difference but whatever you donate, we have a reward as a thank you for your support.

Donation level                  Reward

£1 - £9.99                            A big "Thank-you" on the companys social media sites                                           

£10 - £24.99                      Again will make a "big thank you" on social media sites and send a Company logo'd pen

£25 - £49.99                      A "big thanks" on our sites, a Company logo'd pen and enamel trolley coin key ring

£50 - £199.99                  A "Big Thanks" on sites, Company logo'd car window sticker* (*over £100),  pen, enamel

                                                  trolley coin key ring and t-shirt     

£200 +                                  A "Big thanks" on company media sites, Company logo'd car window sticker, pen,

                                                  enamel trolley coin key ring and polo shirt                       


* Please note that products may alter slightly subject to availability, as to may colours etc

I can't financially donate just now but is there any other ways I can help ?

Whilst monetary donations and investments are important for the growth and development of the business, particulalry at the start, I also understand that not everyone may have spare cash at this moment in time too. If you still believe that this is a worthy venture, that it will change the lives of many but cannot support us financially just right now, then you know that you can still help us as all help and assistance in my eyes is invaluable. You can for instance go onto our Facebook pages and like us, you can spread the word or you may just simply have good contacts, leads or business support/advice products and services that you have tha I may not know or have access to. So please, please get in touch ..... no matter how big or small, it all makes a difference.

What happens if we fail to reach our target?

Should we fail in reaching our £25,000 target, I will not lie and say that I will not be dissapointed. But that said this business will succeed come what may, but without reaching our targets it just may take us a little longer in getting there! I believe in what we will be doing, the additional services that will be introduced later that I know no one else offers under one roof complimented with my personal desire, drive and determination to suceed.

What's the exit strategy ?

As it stands, no exit strategy has been planned as this does not come into my thoughts. I have no plans to walk away from this business and it is my intentions to build this business up to deliver a premium high quality service with a view to ongoing and continual growth and operating within multi-market sectors.


If there is anything of interest here but you have any questions, require any further clarification then please feel free to contact me at any time where l will try to respond as fully and expediently as I can. I look forward to hearing from you.

Once again, I thank you for your time in visiting my campaign.


Phil Baker

Email: or


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£1 or more

£1 Reward

All contributions are most welcome to this project so if anyone feels that its worthy and beneficial to local communities and its people, to a company that that you feel will make a difference, then please donate and we will thank you on our various media sites. Thank you

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