Ackers Activity Centre Project

Our centre was built in the 80's with limited funds to cater for local school children. Our cold little old centre now struggles with over 700 visitors a week, many of whom have disabilities or are disadvantaged young people. We've worked so hard to secure over 90% of the funds, to start the desperately needed improvements. However, we risk losing most of that, as the required start date is imminent: as much as we may feel like it, we just can't brick it yet. YOUR DONATION CAN DO SO MUCH

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ackers Adventure is a registered charity, with a great reputation for helping young people develop, physically, emotionally and confidently, since 1981. We receive wonderful feedback for the work we do and changes we make to young peoples lives such as.. "we have seen a different child since visiting Ackers, his confidence has come on leaps and bounds". However we are regularly told that our facilities let us down and we are struggling to meet the needs of our visitors.

Our current Ski Centre building is where most groups meet & check in before taking part in one of the many activities that we offer. The ski centre building struggles to cope with over 700 visitors a week, many of whom have disabilities or are disadvantaged young people. The reception area is small and we have no changing rooms or lockers, the toilets are poor, the roof leaks and the heating is inadequate.  

Lunch in an overcrowded reception area

    Lunch in an overcrowded ski centre


Current external view of our Ski Centre & Internal Reception Area

Our plan is to bring the centre into the 21st century by creating a much more inviting and usable space for our visitors. A new heating system will be installed along with double glazed windows, a new roof, new toilets and changing area with lockers. A refreshment area will also be added so that spectators can watch the activity on the slopes in comfort.

 New Ski Centre Reception

Internal view of new ski centre  

Refreshment and viewing area

 Architects impression of the new building external and internal views

We are so close! The designs, planning permissions, surveys and quotes are almost complete. Thanks to a variety of charities, lottery and funders we now have 90% of the funds required to complete the project. However we are in danger of losing this funding if the total amount is not raised.

This is where you can help. We have designed a number of unique offers (that are not usually available) for you to choose from. Each offer gives you the opportunity to take part in one or more of the activities that we run, so you will see at first hand the need for improvement at the centre. 

By pledging you will be helping us provide a much improved, attractive, welcoming facility for all current and new users.

Without your support much of the funding we've worked so hard to get may be withdrawn and the project will not go ahead.  

Please pledge what you can afford and enjoy your reward!