achille lavender farm

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achille lavender farm

Lavender farm and herb garden Skyros Island,Greece.

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 Hello friends,I own a property in Skyros,Greece,it has taken me three years to rebuild alone,with the property I own 800 square metres of land.I want to fill the land with lavender plants also oregano.The house is situated at Achille Bay,it is mentioned in the Iliad as Achille set sail for Troy with Odysseus from this actual beach.As my house has two rooms I would like to use one as a farm shop.

Along with basic lavender products like soaps and shower gels I would like to take advantage of the wild herbs growing on the island and incorporate them with sea salt,for example wild fennel,thyme and sage.Also for sale would be organic olive oil and local honey again organic.Add to this various mixes of dukkah the Egyptian spicy starter and I think the shop will be complete.

Lavender is a truly mediterranean plant needing 5 to 6 hours of sunshine per day ,it thrives in dryer rocky soils and requires little water after the first two years of planting,ideal for Skyros.

It can be harvested twice a year and essential oil can be extracted with the aid of a small still,the essential oil is rather expensive and used for many purposes.I hope you will find my project of interest.

Kind regards

Dave Greenwood

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