Give 50 unemployed women in Newcastle/Gateshead #AChanceToTrade to kick-start their journey into self-employment and financial independence

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On 19th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £2,065 with 54 supporters in 56 days

Please pledge your support to give 50 women #AChanceToTrade

Your money will ...

- Give 50 women a chance to trade on stalls at community and local markets in Newcastle and Gateshead, with all the support and encouragement they need to make their trading experience a huge success

- Buy 50 unemployed women up to £50 worth of raw materials, branding and merchandising to reduce the financial risk and give them a chance to trade with confidence

Why do women need #AChanceToTrade?

Women have told us that having a chance to trial-trade products through taking part in community markets gives them a huge boost, and increases their likelihood of seriously pursuing self-employment, so we really want to give more women #AChanceToTrade. 

Many unemployed women have aspirations to trade - to sell the lovely things they make at home for friends and family, as a way to make money to improve their life and the lives of their families. But for most unemployed women we talk to, without the right support their ideas never become more than a pipe-dream. They never get a chance to try out selling their things to the public, just because the realities of day to day life get in the way.

With your help 50 more women can have a stall at a community market run by the charity, or be supported to trade at other local markets that they do not yet have the confidence or experience to attend alone, and if they need a small investment in materials or branding to help them to make a success of the opportunity, with your help we can do that too. 

Why bother?

1. To kick-start unemployed women becoming self-employed. Through a lack of confidence and self belief, and limited local networks they often just don't know where to start. But with a helping hand, once they're started, they are inspired to keep going, to start their journey to self-employment. Through having a chance to trade women have already moved on to have their own stalls on the Sunday Quayside market and Newcastle's Grainger market and are now making money from their own businesses.

2. To remove the financial risk for women in poverty. Because the women we support are often facing the realities of living in poverty, so the risk of buying materials or paying for a stall is too great. With just a small investment they can get started, and get the proof they need to carry on.

3. To inspire the whole community. Through having a chance to trade women inspire others in the local community to try enterprise for themselves - men, women and children are inspired to take a chance to trade.

Why do we need your pledge?

We have the experience and track-record to give 50 women #AChanceToTrade. What we don't have is the money to make that a reality.

Local Women Local Enterprise is a charity-run project that helps women in Newcastle and Gateshead who have found themselves unemployed and facing poverty to find the self-belief, skills, experience and networks they need to improve their own lives and the lives of their families, and an important part of this is providing real enterprise experiences.  

With the funding we have raised we have already supported hundreds of women to overcome major personal barriers and to start making positive choices about their futures, and we make our money go a long way. But most of our funds are invested into providing accessible accredited training courses and workshops, and mentoring support for women who want to move forward in their lives and become financially independent.

Offering women #AChanceToTrade really consolidates the work we do and makes a huge difference to the women we support, and we need an extra £10,000 to help 50  women to do just that, to push their own boundaries, and gain a huge amount personally from the experience, as well as building their belief and confidence that they really could make money from the products they have made.


Please pledge now to give 50 unemployed women in Newcastle and Gateshead #AChanceToTrade. You can find out more about Local Women Local Enterprise at www.localwomenlocalenterprise.co.uk


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