Initial accommodation costs for starting Uni

Initial accommodation costs for starting Uni

Only asking for help towards accommodation costs for starting BA Visual Effects at Middlesex Uni!

We did it!

On 11th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £75 with 4 supporters in 42 days

What’s this all about?

I’m off to Uni!!…Middlesex University have offered me a place on their BA Visual Effects course, starting this year in October 2017.


I am facing a frustrating problem! I’ve found out that I’m not eligible for the Maintenance Loan support in the UK. I’m Spanish, I thought I would have been eligible for the loan because my dad is English, and I have been living with him while I've been studying my A Levels here in the UK. 

But Student Finance England requires that I’ve been living in the UK for at least 5 years, despite feeling that the UK has been my second home all my life! I don't meet the requirements simply because I was living with my mum in Spain and at school there until 2 years ago. I’ve also discovered that the Spanish government don’t offer support, and Santander Universities UK have stopped providing help for undergraduates.

How would your help help?

I’m really hopeful that you kind & generous people could donate towards the first rent payment for Halls for the Autumn term - due to be paid by 18th September, a total of £2398.99.

The future’s brighter…

I believe that I might be eligible for the Maintenance Loan in the future, under a so-called ‘migrant worker’ option offered by the Student Finance England. But for that I need to show I am working while studying, which is kind of a catch-22 because I can’t have work at Middlesex until I’m actually living there and studying. So frustrating!

A little bit about myself

I grew up in Spain but moved to the UK in 2015 to study at Sixth Form College. Before coming to college I had not thought of going to university. But now it's happening for me! 

I achieved a full A Level with an A grade within my 1st year at College (OK it was A Level Spanish, but I’d never been taught it in English before!). I was required to sit GCSEs in Maths and English, and got both, and obtained AS Dance during the 1st year. Now I've just completed the A Level Fine Art and AS Media Studies, the EPQ and Core Maths, and waiting the results in August.

It surprised me how I’ve settled in studying in the UK, & beside making great friends I have also been heavily involved with sports since being at college and have recently been recognised with the Sports Activator Award for encouraging and leading other students to get involved with sport. I hope to continue these kinds of things outside of my study when I get to Middlesex.

I’m really looking forward to the few years and where the degree will take me after. But to get off to a good start, I really need financial help for me to actually secure somewhere to live!

Oh…what about rewards?

I wish I could offer rewards for donations. I’m just not sure right now what I could offer. I am a keen artist and photographer, enjoy video editing, or could offer to support Spanish language learning…please get in touch if you are considering a donation but only for a reward in return.

My thankyous

Thank you for reading. And thank you in advance for any donations!

Kind regards

Isis Mawdsley Diaz

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