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Accessible Motorbiking & Workshop for All

by David Paton in Methil, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th May 2020 we successfully raised £2,462 with 39 supporters in 86 days

To enable individuals & volunteers who are affected by injury/disability/Illness access to off road motorcycling related activities

by David Paton in Methil, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

The initial funds will be to purchase a motorcycle and any extra funs raised will go to making the workshop accessible - ie a lift and accessible toilets.

Accessible for all Bikers

Our charity is looking to include people who have a disability, just like other sports do. As far as we know, we are the first in Scotland to take steps to fully include people (who have a disability), in off-road motorcycling. We want to have our services and facilities open to all regardless of disability, health conditions etc. 

We know that motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to accidents, both on tracks and the road. Back injuries and paralysis of the lower limbs are common consequences of Road Traffic Collisions and crash. We are keen to get these bikers back into a familiar environment ie the garage/workshop on and around bikers. 

Photos: Sean Docherty injured 2015. Sean continues to prepare his Son Jordan's motocross bike in his workshop. Sean can be seen riding a quad bike (below) at the Scottish Twinshocks Race, where he attends to support his Son's racing career and spectate a sport which he loves, but sadly the same sport which affected his life adversely.


We would like to purchase an adapted off-road motorcycle or a quad bike, so that riders who struggle with balance, core strength, coordination, grip etc can again enjoy the riding experience, or indeed break barriers and ride for the first time. 

In order that we can be accessible to all, our workshop needs some adaptations, ideally a small lift installed and accessible toilets. In our workshop we shall fix and maintain our small fleet of motorcycles. We will also invite, parents and their children in to look after and maintain their own bikes. Experienced bikers, who are affected by disability will help and support the young people to learn mechanical skills. 

Lastly, one of our volunteers (Powel) lost an arm following a motorcycle accident, he is determined to get back into racing motocross and we would like to help him, by raising funds towards a prosthetic arm and adapted shock absorber. 

Another club affiliate lost his hand in an accident and three are wheelchair users, who are paralysed from the chest down, two of them were following accidents whilst riding. There are others in a similar situations, whom we’d like to offer opportunities too.  

Benefits to users/volunteers/members :  

Better social interactions and reduced isolation, improved mental and physical health. It will reinvigorate their enthusiasm and passion for motorbikes and belongingness to a worldwide biking fraternity. Disabled Volunteers will also help our charity with youth work objectives to help children and young people develop into responsible young adults. The kids will be better prepared for their future employment journey and the disabled volunteer will have contributed to that, thus giving them feelings of giving back to society, purpose and pride. The children and Young People who interact with people who have disabilities will help to reduce stigma of disability and mental health. The kids will respect and learn that just because someone has a disability or ill health does not mean they cannot contribute fully to society. They will go on to respect disability and diversity and hopefully challenge discrimination and stereotypes.

We also work with people who have PTSD, anxiety and other hidden health issues, we help to build confidence, self-belief. Being part of a club with the right ethos and a supportive environment, we believe we can achieve personal developments to improve quality of life for individuals. We have had volunteers and employees who have been on placement and subsequently went onto full-time employment. We want to develop a space, our workshop, so we can expand the above work with people who have disabilities, whether that be riding or fixing motorcycles. 

Inclusive Workshop

We want to provide a workshop for people who had a passion for motorcycling. We are on a journey to break down physical & mental barriers, we are determined to have an accessible venue with positive social, intergenerational & non-discriminatory attitudes and interactions. Young people will develop a respect for people affected by disability & hopefully become more tolerant. Having these two groups working closely together will help to create more cohesive & resilient communities, leaving people affected by health or disability having improved self-esteem & confidence.

Most community activities and sports in the 21st century have access to supportive environments with adapted equipment, so that they can offer services and participation to everyone, such as the Paralympics, wheelchair rugby, disabled golf etc..  However within off road motorcycle sport there is nothing!  Our charity hopes to address this inequality by providing opportunities for all to participate in an off-road motorcycle sport. For those who physically cannot participate in the sport, we provide a workshop area for them to engage. This will be a hub, where people who had a passion for motorcycling can again be involved with fixing and maintaining motorcycles within a socially supportive environment. This environment will be accessible despite health or disability barriers. We want to break down physical and mental barriers, by having an accessible venue with positive social, intergenerational and non-discriminatory attitudes, we will achieve our aim.

Part of our work is too help young people develop skills and attitudes, so that they can progress through life and achieve goals, leading to a fulfilling life. Some potential volunteers who have been unfortunate and suffered illness or trauma resulting in disability or impairment, will have the opportunity to exert influence and be looked up to as a positive role model, whilst they coach young people, children or parents on mechanical skills to repair their bikes. Or even to coach young people on their riding skills.

Photos: Our new workshop which is part refurbished, however we are currently involved further refurbishments of the office, groupwork room, toilet and  kitchenette. It's looking good and big thanks to all who helped and donated :-) Also, big thanks to John Hopton @ Dial-a-Tow..  

On the same track

Our programme of activity (off road motorcycling and motorcycle repairs and maintenance) will mutually benefit the two groups of people that we’ll work with. Young people will benefit from learning skills from adults some of whom will be disabled. They will develop a respect for people affected by disability and hopefully become more tolerant as they grow to adults. By having these two groups working closely together it will help to create more cohesive and resilient communities, leaving people affected by health or disability having improved self-esteem and confidence. 

Our charity will work closely with Scottish Disability Motor Sport, who currently only have services and support for 4 wheeled motorsport –  nothing for motorcyclists yet.


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