Accessible and cost effective Counselling

Accessible and cost effective Counselling

Providing affordable Counselling to individuals that wish to access our Counselling services, without the long waiting lists.

We did it!

On 15th Aug 2015 we successfully raised £60 with 2 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

Providing funded Counselling sessions to individuals that wish to access our Counselling services, without the long waiting lists.

About the project

We provide an accessible Counselling service to individuals in Cornwall, specifically in St Austell, where we are based.

We hope to raise enough money so we are able to branch out in to communities all over Cornwall, so that individuals all over Cornwall are able to access our Service more easily.  We also hope to raise money to assist individuals to receive funded or part funded Counselling sessions.

We want to be able to continue to provide this effective service, that has been running for nearly 2 years.

There are many individuals that would like to access Counselling, but often dont, because there are 3-6 month waiting lists with NHS providers, or the cost is too high privately, for their affordability and unfortunately the individual becomes 'lost in the system' still suffering from mental health issues that are still on going because of not being able to access a Counselling Service quick enough or being able to afford sessions.

We have found that individuals that have to wait too long, often suffer in silence and go on to suffer with further mental health issues and disengage from services available, which again can have a massive impact not only on the individual, but on the community and other related services.

Our service has been set up to target these issues, where we are accessible, without the long waiting lists, with our minimum cost per session being just £5.  For example - a donation of say £50 would provide someone with 10 valuable Counselling Sessions, £300 could provide 6 individuals with 10 sessions each.

Without services like ours, then people will continue to suffer in silence.

We work Integratively with clients, therefore we work with several Models of Counselling, not one fits all.  We also provide 'open ended' Counselling, which means that the individual is not restricted to say 6 sessions and then Therapy is ended, again this is not always helpful, as individuals may take 6 sessions to properly build trust and start talking about their problem/s.

Longer term Therapy helps with exploring problems in more depth and helps get to the bottom of underlying issues/symptoms and once these are addressed and are able to be managed in everyday life, then individuals will move forward and go on to lead a better life.  It not only will benefit the individual, but the Communities and other related services around us. 

There is a massive void in Cornwall for Counselling services and we want to be able to alleviate some of these issues, by providing the service that we do.

Individuals come up against so many barriers when wanting to access Counselling and we want to try and overcome this and with your help, this will be possible.

Please donate - all donations are gratefully received and you never know when you are someone close to you may need a service like this.

If you would like to see more about what we do, please visit our website


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