Access Bike - Getting Young People on their Bike

Access Bike mentors young people to recondition bikes for disadvantaged peers, runs open workshop sessions, coaching & development courses.

We did it!

On 19th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £10,000 of £10,000 target with 88 supporters in 58 days

New stretch target

We want to get to 10K by Christmas! Enter our raffle and win a brilliant bike of your choice from our incredible collection. You can enter for £10 as many times as you like!

Project aim

We think every young person needs a bike but some young people and their families can't afford one. We find unwanted bikes, train young people to do them up and give them to people who need them. Our fully equipped cycle workshop is open to young people aged 13-24 for workshop time, peer and mentor support, cycle safety and personal development courses.

It costs about £10,000 to keep the workshop open for a year, to process 100 bikes, run cycle safety coaching sessions and provide peer mentoring for dozens of young people. For every £1 you give we will get match funding from a business backer if we raise 50% of our target by 12th November!

About the project

Having a bike leads to participation in sport and social activities, gives independance, confidence and better health and fitness - better life chances in fact. Some young people also need guidance and a safe, supportive environment to raise expectations for themselves, to develop skills and confidence in the work place.

Disadvantaged young people - including disabled, NEETs, ex-offenders, excluded young people, hoemless, refugees, young carers and  care leavers - will be referred to the project by local schemes, schools and youth organisations for a bike. We'll also help them plan their own mentored programme, towards employment, self-employment, volunteering and active citizenship.

The Access Bike workshop is the first open door bike workshop for young people and will open 3 days a week for them to use to fix up their own bikes, boards and scooters. They are encouraged to return the favour by fixing up another bike, cleaning them up, doing artwork or making another young person feel welcome and included.  

The project is peer led  by young adults who are paid or volunteer for different roles - coaching, technical, marketing and business - and given the support they need to develop and deliver their own targets. Everyone works as equals and feedback goes both ways. We love the idea of intergenerational sharing of interests and we're recruiting older volunteers, particularly men for whom volunteering roles can be hard to find.

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