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To provide services and mobility to disabled people in Ukraine who are disadvantaged because of their disability and improve quality of life

by Disability Beyond Borders in Perth, Scotland, United Kingdom

For much of this year most of you, because of COVID19, will have had to endure lockdown to some extent and you will have felt isolated, lonely, stressed, anxious and vulnerable.

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Please imagine what it is like for a disabled person to live this sort of life that you have had to endure during the COVID 19 lockdown. We have because they have no means of mobility, where the streets, pavements and shops are a no-go area for them because they are not accessible, and where there is little or no health service to provide, not only, a means of mobility but indeed the support that every disabled person needs and should have access to. Where children have a bleak future because no one except their immediate family really cares.


At Disability Beyond Borders we really do care and we must continue the work that we have been doing in Ukraine where disabled people have little, or no, quality of life and more often than not have no suitable means of mobility.

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We need your help to put hope, desire, aspirations, human contact, warmth and love in the lives of disabled people in Ukraine. We need to continue our work, but to achieve this we need your help!

In the next 12 months we need to bring in, at least, two shipments of wheelchairs for disabled people in Ukraine so they can get outside of the home that has become their prison.  We need to provide training for the prescription and fitting of wheelchairs and mobility aids and we need to continue to give advice on inclusive environments to the city and regional councils as well as the central government in Ukraine.

 To achieve this, we need to raise the sum of £84,000 or if you’re working in dollars $109,200. This is the minimum we need to raise each and every year for the benefit of vulnerable disabled people in Ukraine.

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 Not only do all funds go towards creating a better quality of life for disabled people but we also help those who have become disabled, service veterans who have been injured in the east of Ukraine fighting the forgotten war against Russia. These guys are heroes, each and every one, but they are now sentenced to a life of inequality, anxiety, isolation and stress on top of the PTSD that most already have.

 We can make a huge difference to people’s lives, please help us to make that difference. Please leave a donation today.


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