Access to Fair Education for All

by Marie in Renfrew, Scotland, United Kingdom

Access to Fair Education for All


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To raise enough money to mount a collective challenge against the University of Glasgow for refusing to provide lessons paid for in 201

by Marie in Renfrew, Scotland, United Kingdom

I am crowdfunding in order to fund collective student action concerning the Lecturers Strikes last year. Initially against the University of Glasgow, but then as a wider case against Universities that denied students lessons and seriously affected their degrees during the 2018 lecturers strike.

Many students have been put at an extreme disadvantage degree-wise by the University of Glasgow. In 2018 students missed out on graduation and even degrees due to the university’s appalling handling of the strikes and subsequent non-reply to complaints and refusal to reschedule lessons and deliver them. This then escalated to bullying and harassment of some students for fees to be paid despite the students not having had lessons delivered for a portion of semester two. There is also an extreme lack of support for students at this university from any student association.  Last year futures were put in the balance or even ruined by the University of Glasgow. The exact opposite one would expect from a supposed world ranking university. Please see my blog for further details. This is in addition to appalling working conditions and modules being changed at the last minute so you don’t actually get to study what you signed up for or were promised.

The way that the University system is set up is that student contracts can be skewed towards the University and if anything goes wrong the University has all the power and the students have none. When I was directed towards my own students' contract by the University I was given a list of website links that were broken. Students Unions and Student Representative Councils can also end up being drawn into the University and prevented from checking the power of the University. Student Unions should be there for the students to check the University and provide a power balance but this does not seem to be the case anymore.  In addition, the higher Educational Ombudsman should have more power to deal with Universities as currently, they can do very little. This means that no one is holding the Universities to account.

Students should not have their fees taken at the same time as the University withholds lecturers fees. The University of Glasgow was paid TWICE and is still hounding students who withheld fees for payment despite having not provided lessons or feedback i.e an education.

Education should be fair for all and in this case, it was not. Lessons were not given that should have been and the University refuses to take any responsibility for this. Indeed they expect students to teach themselves as we have no right to feedback or lessons according to their responses. 

The University took Lecturers pay and Students Fees and 'donated' them.  The verbal response I got from the Student Union concerning the non-provision of lessons was that they would not challenge the University as they had been given part of this 'donation'. 

The University had NO right to do any of the above. We are entitled to get what we pay for in the same way that in business we should get what we pay for under the Consumer Rights Act. 

This all has to change so that Students can get a fair education.

The Duchess of Sussex stated that:

“Everyone should be afforded the opportunity to receive the education they want, but more importantly the education they have the right to receive"

Let's make 'Access to Fair Education for All' happen

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