Accelerating Learning for Needy Children

Accelerating Learning for Needy Children

To impart and bring about English proficiency among rural children to give them access to the global network and lead to a brighter future.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Some of the children in rural Malaysia have very little access to the broader world due to their lack of proficiency in the English Language.  They also lack the internet connectivity that allows them to leverage technology in school to learn and acquire the language.

We intend to extend good internet connectivity and implement an Accelerated English Learning programme via web-based learning so that at least 3000 to 4000 children can pick up the language and succeed in life.

Our target group are children of single parent homes/incomes.  Many of these children head the wrong way in society due to their inability to succeed academically and make a living in respectable industries.

We want to alleviate the perpetual cycle of poverty and untapped, under-developed children and make them into beacons of light who can be globalised citizens and a spark of optimism and brilliance for the world to appreciate.