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Acatay collections makes luxurious furniture and games. Our vision is to positively impact lives, communities and the environment.

by Acatay collections in Bromley, England, United Kingdom

The Brand

Acatay collections sells luxurious homeware and games that give customers a chance to experience a unique and socially conscious gift.

In the past 18 months  we have secured trustworthy suppliers, identified all are partners, registered our business and trademarked our design. As the CEO I undertook a postgraduate course in Business development and conducted market research on the product ensuring that there is a market for it. 

The Origin 

Acatay is pidgin English for Nigerian migrants (typically living in Europe and America ) who go back to Nigeria during festive times. This reflects the business as it provides gifts; popular during festive times and acts as an artistic bridge between the British and a number of African and Caribbean cultures. Growing up as a British Nigerian I have learnt to take pride in my nationality and ethnicity. However it wasn’t always plain sailing and many times it felt like I didn’t fully belong to either. This chest showcases that journey as it is inspired by British culture and represents parts of African and Caribbean cultures, therefore simultaneously celebrating black British culture. The decision to have multiple gifts inside one box was inspired by the traditional gift of British hampers. A crafted wooden base was carefully chosen over wicker due to wooden crafts being a historically valuable art especially in West Africa.

The cause 

The brand seeks to make a change. We seek to encourage economic stability in the African diaspora by supporting and bringing more awareness to their arts, trades and businesses. Likewise as a distributor of British products we want to increase the audience for entrepreneurial businesses in the UK. 

With the development of technology  long term face to face interactions are  not as common as they once were. Although this is convenient it has also seen many isolate themselves and develop poor mental health. Having a  two player game (foreign to many in the UK), a candle and essential oils in each chest is our little way of encouraging positive mental health and face to face interactions.

Our customers will be supporting at least one human rights movement with each purchase. Whether it’s chocolate that fights against gender inequality or Shea butter that pays it labourers a living wage Acatay collections is a socially conscious movement. 

Last but not least wood is the base partly due to it being an eco friendly alternative to wicker and plastic. With that, we believe we need to give back every time we take from the earth and for that reason one tree will be planted  (in the UK, Kenya, Zambia or Dominican Republic)  for each purchase.

The funds 

With the foundation laid we are now looking for a total of £2000 to fund our winter launch, through pre-orders.This money will go towards; 

Paying local craftsmen in West Africa a living wage to make and transport 10 chests.

 •Buying 10 chests worth of products. 

•Purchasing insurance. 

•Purchasing eco-friendly cellophane, ribbon and cowrie shells which will be the game pieces for all the games 

•Getting a professional to design our logo

 •Online advertisements 

•Printing 300 business cards promoting the business and Instagram page. 

If you want to support me with this social enterprise of celebrating cultures in a socially conscious way then it would mean the world to me if you contributed to this campaign, if you are not able to do this financially then please share amongst friends and family and help us spread the word! Much appreciation 

Follow us on Twitter @acataycollect for updates and information on our launch. For any comments of questions please email

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