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Abuse Victim Support Project (AVS)

by NINE RED Presents... (CIC) in Luton, England, United Kingdom

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The A.V.S. Project, provides holistic support for men and women 13+ dealing with domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape or historical abuse

by NINE RED Presents... (CIC) in Luton, England, United Kingdom


Debra Knight, CEO of NINE RED Presents… (CIC) (NRP) started a social enterprise in 2001, following being a victim of domestic violence and rape.  Debra, suffering severe social phobia, depression and anxiety was unable to work outside of the house; used spoken word, dance and digital art to work through the issues that she was left with.

As her performances and art gained popularity, Debra was approached by others who wished for her help in using art to cope and heal. This is how the  philosophy behind NRP was conceived.   Looking back, Debra has stated that Nine Red began with a simple statement; hearing the abuse Debra had endured she was asked, “What do you do after something like that happens?” She smiled, laughed and said “Get a job in a casino!”  It was there that NRP was born in August 2003.



Queen’s Award winning, volunteer led, NRP is a non-profit organisation that, responds to the needs of our local community to bring about social change and have a positive social impact on the lives of socially disadvantaged groups; particularly, individuals effected by domestic/sexual abuse, mild to moderate mental health conditions and invisible disabilities.


 Achieved by running community projects providing skill attainment, education, artistic pursuits and counselling. We run 6 such projects centred on our organisations ethos "That each individual in society, irrespective of race, ethnic origin, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age, religion or political belief has the right to be and to achieve all they want in their lives.


We are seeking funding for our A.V.S. The Abuse Victim Support Project, for men & women aged 13+ who are dealing with domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape or historical abuse.

The A.V.S Project is designed and ran by survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Historical Abuse and Rape and provides a holistic package of emotional and practical support. Providing immediate and free one to one counselling for individuals, in safe and secure surroundings.

What distinguishes the AVS project from other services, is the approach we take to counselling.  The many tiered approach that we take with our clients is a result of feedback from clients who stated that the traditional approach has not always been successful.


Our approach which has 1 to 1 sessions, groups sessions, arts therapy sessions and service user forums; allows our clients to create their own method of support.  

Our 10 step programme involves core issues identified by our clients:

•    Overcoming Core Issue - Betrayal
•    Overcoming Core Issue - Anger
•    Overcoming Core Issue - Powerless
•    Overcoming Core Issue - Shame
•    Overcoming Core Issue - Letting Go
•    Overcoming - Anxiety
•    Overcoming - Social Phobia
•    Overcoming - Trauma
•    Overcoming - Abuse
•    Overcoming – Depression


This funding will enable us to continue to provide: Face to face counselling in a comfortable environment, Regular weekly sessions for as long as needed, Counselling visits in a location chosen by our client, A fast, free and confidential service, Specifically trained counsellors, A client focuses service, Art therapy and Well-being services, Community awareness of the damage that domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape can cause to a person and their families.

Our Art and Wellbeing Service uses art and music to heal by changing a person’s physiology and attitude. The body’s physiology changes from one of stress to one of deep relaxation, from one of fear to one of creativity and inspiration.

We have helped 1000s of individuals to achieve a brighter, safer future.  With this funding we can help 1000s more by providing: 333 hours of 1 to 1 counselling or therapy sessions, or 44 expressive art therapy group sessions, or 200 hours of 1 to 1 complementary therapy sessions (Aromatherapy, Colour therapy, Crystal therapy, Guided Mediation, No Hands Massage).


Website for the AVS Project


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A copy of "Butterfly Drinks Crocodile Tears" written by Naz Knight (Debra Knight) to help others pursue a better future. A poetry book with purpose! Naz Knight repurposed her trauma writing this anthology inspiring self-improvement and personal growth. The anthology challenges preconceptions about women labelled as "victims”. Also Naz refuses to be defined by this experience.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

Hand Poured Candle from our Signature Candle Range. Eternity - Our Signature Spiral Candle (21cm x 8cm) Our best selling gorgeously scented signature spiral candle from our "Keep Shining" Range. Spirals are expressions of creativity. They are often found in the natural growth pattern of many organisms and suggest the process of growth and evolution. Eternity is a White Spiral Hand-poured Candle, with Angel Whispers Scent.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

A Voucher for a Poetry Performance or Commissioned Poetry Piece(15 mins). Naz says “I never chose to write; words chose me to be their writer”. Her art and writing testifies to her unique relationship with words. Consequently, her books and performances are powerful, intimate collections of poems, prose and artwork, that have a transformative effect.

£250 or more

£250 Reward

A voucher for personalised photo mosaic. A Gift for Life… Breath-taking photo mosaics and montages are a truly unique gift, which will be an amazing centre piece in your home for years. Because it can be hard to find the perfect gift, we do the hard work for you. Created using your digital photos, you can celebrate your precious moments for a life time. We take your pictures and make beautiful mosaics.

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