AbstractartsKeane land project / eco art

by abstractartskeane in North Duffield, England, United Kingdom

AbstractartsKeane land project / eco art


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Hiya I'm a up and coming abstract artist I'm wanting to raise funds to be able to create more and get equipment needed to create eco art.

by abstractartskeane in North Duffield, England, United Kingdom

Environment is high priority to everyone after lock down people have started to realise what there environment means to them. I want to raise funds to explore and create eco art. I want to collect things forage and create videos all about eco art. People have started to enjoy the beauty and benafifts of outdoors over lock down I was unable to feel at home in nature I felt trapped enclosed in a pit of fumes. The earth slowly started to recover without human damage I want to explore create videos the equipment for this is a big cost. I'm wanting to support more environmentally friendly and the beauty nature has to offer to really get people to respect the little things and enjoy greener cleaner lifestyle. The health benefits of getting outdoors to a clear space for your mind is invaluable I want to create a big project involving natural materials and hire a space. Unfortunately I don't have funds available for this type of project I have alot of natural photographs taken by myself of wildlife and things people don't tend to spot and apreacte. I want kids young people who are usually stuck inside to apreacte the wonders of nature and we can all become cleaner greener footprints. I leave nothibg behind only footprints take only what's fallen. I collect unnatural waste that I see on my travels bring it home and create work. I'm hopefully going to use the funds for equipment, camera, go pro, software for editing, something I can create live videos on for my Instagram account, mend my shed the studio to be ????, and then the materials cost for using natural products to create paint quiet costly to set up however it's a long turm project and I'm sure eventually I will crack the desired outcome. Being green artist is highly important to me and and I would love to be able to afford to replace my accrilic paints with something I can make myself with little to no emissions ????. I'm also needing to travel to greener areas. Experimentimg is expensive and I would love to self teach myself how to create this and then pass on the wonderful ways to other people to share. I'm very new and have big ideas it will also pay for professional promotion of my artists profile to get my foot in the art scene somethinhard to do when your born and read in Blackpool. I've relocated my family to a little village by York to live cleaner and greener and open doors of opertunities. I'm finding out verh fast that every promotion costs u till your well know without the back up to get my foot in the door m ugh dreams won't become a reality. I would really appreciate any support no matter how little or large it all will be gratefully received. I can't thank you enough for reading this and if you can't support me a share is fabulous to get my name out there and are welcome to follow my journey on Instagram. I will be providing so meny updates on there. Times are hard for everyone at the moment the world's changing I want to take full advantage of 2020 and really get people to understand how much we need to just all be abit greener and the world will soon recover. ???? Thanks so much for reading this please follow my journey and if possible support me. Thanks very much. 


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£20 or more

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£20 Reward

A digital copy of a image with watermark.

£50 or more

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£20 Reward

Small scale photo of my wildlife photography or eco art.

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£100 Reward

Signed abstract 1 of 1 or wildlife photos transfered onto wood 1 of 1 sighed and burnt recycled from. The local timber yards bin.

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£150 Reward

A a4 original abstract painting or charcoal layered drawing inspired by nature.

£300 or more

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£300 reward

A abstract image created and signed and dated by me with a personal thank you message

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A 1 of 1 work created during lock down there are a choice of 6 images.

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