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To provide children with cancer/life-threatening illness free transport to treatment centres which can be in excess of 150 miles away

by A Break In The Clouds in Great Bircham, England, United Kingdom

We are a small team of people who, through various losses of our own, want to give sick children the best opportunity of receiving treatment for life-threatening illnesses. We propose to do this by setting up a charity called, 'A Break In The Clouds', to give free transport for children and their families to treatment centres around the country as, in many cases, these centres may involve long travel times and distances, added stresses and financial strains and, sadly, in some cases, these costs prove to be prohibitive and so some children miss out on potentially life-saving treatment. It is estimated that, in cases where travel is quite a distance from treatment centres, these additional costs are between £600 - £800 per month which leave many families in desperate hardship.

Around 1 in 500 children will get Cancer by the age of 14.  There are some 1900 new cases of cancer in young children every year - that is 5 every day.

 We also want to offer free short-term respite breaks so that the children and their families have a chance to leave behind the worries of what can sometimes be quite invasive treatments, and relax and have the quality time to make happy memories together.

Any money raised will be put to great use in fulfilling these desires. 

Indeed, we have already approached a number of flying schools who have offered not just pilots who are willing to volunteer their time to take children to their treatments, but also, the use of their aircraft (for a nominal fee to cover fuel, landing fees, etc).  

 A few holiday parks that we have provisionally spoken to have also offered to step in and give a number of short-term holidays to sick children and their families (3-7 day holidays), so that they can all have that quality time together that they so richly deserve.

Bringing extended family such as Grandparents to these children will potentially help in both recovery, and mental health and wellbeing, as it will provide that feeling of family togetherness in a time when it is needed the most and we want to be able to provide that service to them.

Virtually no other charity or organisation offers this level of assistance and we want to be able to allow children and families to look at getting treatment no matter how far it is from them so that their child can receive the best opportunity at a healthy, happy and long life.

But, to do this we need your help! We desperately want to reach our goal of raising at least £50,000 which will see us through our first year and, at least, halfway through our second year.

We are also approaching various companies/corporations, as well as the Lottery Commission to secure future funding.

We understand that the current situation is a massive strain on everyone, financially, and mentally, but we ask that you please, consider giving whatever amount that you can safely afford so that we, in turn, can help these children and their families to receive vital treatment that may very well be the source of their survival.

May we thank you all, in advance for giving hope to so many children.


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