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We're on an mission to change the world through crowdfunding

Like it always does, it started with a great idea.

The phenomenon of Crowdfunder has taken off in the UK, raising almost £80 million for tens of thousands start-ups, social enterprises and community groups.

To date well over one million Britons have pledged money to our projects and it makes real a difference in communities across the country.

That makes us the UK’s biggest crowdfunding platform.

But our mission is growing and we passionately believe that crowdfunding can bring together communities around the world.

Supporters from more than 150 countries have now backed brilliant ideas in 90 countries on Crowdfunder. And our funding partners operate in over 50 territories around the globe.

As a result Crowdfunder UK has made an incursion into Canada, taking its team of industry experts and famous ‘Accelerator’ programme across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. And that’s just the start.

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A little bit about Crowdfund Canada

The UK's biggest crowdfunding platform has arrived in Canada, and we're on a mission

We've made the move into Canada, taking our team of industry experts and famous 'Accelerator' programme across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

Find out more, check out the site and start crowdfunding in Canada at 

Want to get started in Canada?

Rewards-based crowdfunding

Our fees are better than our competitors

Platform Platform fee Payment fee Canada-based?
Crowdfund Canada 3% (crowdfunding) 3% and ¢30
Kickstarter 5% 5% and ¢20
Indiegogo 9% (5% if meet target) 3% + ¢25

Fundraising for charities and personal causes

We don't charge a fee for good causes

Platform Platform fee Payment fee Canada-based?
Crowdfund Canada 0% (fundraising) 3% and ¢30
GoFundMe 0% 2.9% + ¢30
Just Giving 5% 2.9% per pledge

Our move into Canada marks a milestone moment for the Crowdfunder group as we introduce our world-class product to new audiences.

Simon Deverell, Founder at

Crowdfunding the biggest and the best in the UK

Royal visits, cultural icons and the best of people power – Crowdfunder has given people from all walks of life a platform for great idea in the UK.

Projects come in all shapes and sizes and more than one million people have rushed to pledge money to make them all happen.

Those projects, events and movements have gone on to be some of the biggest we've ever seen, and inspired thousands of others around the world.

What's your idea to make a difference in Canada?

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Feeling inspired?

The Stoneham Bakery

The fantastic story of how 'the crowd' raised the dough the needed to open a bakery, reducing isolation and promoting better mental health in their community.

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The types of crowdfunding projects we help around the world

No two crowdfunding projects are ever the same, but at their heart is a brilliant idea

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Social enterprises

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Start-ups & scale-ups

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Green groups

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Arts and culture

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Meet Crowdfunder's International team

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Simon Deverell


Simon leads the platform and creative teams after two decades of disruptive digital work. He has led significant campaigns for Channel 4's Big Brother and River Cottage plus its various campaigns including BAFTA winning Hugh's Fish Fight.

Simon on LinkedIn
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Rob Love


Rob has a reputation for being a business and social entrepreneur. His pioneering career spans the inception of the ground-breaking TV show Big Brother's online platform through to River Cottage, the ethical food brand.

Rob on Twitter
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Dawn Bebe


Dawn has a successful track record in consumer media, leading the development of Grazia and Red and Elle while MD of Hachette Emap Ltd. She has cemented over 30 municipal authority partnerships for Crowdfunder UK.

Dawn on LinkedIn
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Phil Geraghty


Phil Geraghty has vast experience in start-up and community crowdfunding in the UK after working with with thousands of start-ups, social enterprises and charities to help the raise millions of pounds for their great ideas. 

Phil on LinkedIn

People led. People driven.

Our support team is something we’re incredibly proud of (yes, real humans!).

Our crowdfunding experts are on hand to offer advice and share their experiences on how to best champion causes around the world and will give project owners tips on fundraising, whenever they need them.

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