Book: Defending Life and Protecting our Planet

Book: Defending Life and Protecting our Planet

To raise money for the research of an important book that highlights our ability to stand up for human survival & environmental protection.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Are you worried about the future of our World? 

Are you sick of hearing about the looming challenges of Climate Change, the rising health conditions associated with air pollution, the emergence of high levels of toxicity in the food we eat, the potential for the creation of a superbug through over-use of antibioics, the daily suffering and massacre of animals to fuel our insatiable desire for pleasure and abundant food... without real solutions being given?

This is the World we live in... A World which values money and greed above the very health of the Environment & condemns our vability for human survival. However in this book I will show how we can take back control. 

Governments across the World have been selling and sacrificing the health of our environment to the opportunistic and profit-hungry appetites of big businesses. Yet are they accountable when things go wrong? And who will protect us when our health is put into question? 

The future of humanity and the health of the future of our Planet depends on the enforcement of environmental protection and strong limitations to excess. Sustainability, Protected Areas, Climate Change are all weak buzzterms if we don't have the neccesary policy to support them. 

In this groundbreaking book I will argue for the need to take back the environment from the destructive practises of commercialism, and discuss the need for truly representative governments who are able to defend the rights and needs of the people.

It is possible to create a system which protects the future of people and planet, but it requires people to stand up for change and reform. This book will set out the process needed for achieving global environmental protection.

Please help support me in the research of this book so that we can set in motion an environmental revolution, with global implications.

With a professional background in the Environmental sector, and a Masters in International Environmental Law (LLM) I have dedicated my life to finding an answer to the global environmental conundrum and the protection of life. I have finally found it.... But I need support to voice it.

Thank you so much.

Those who are able to make a donation of £20 and above will recieve a personalised invitation to the private book launch.

For donations of £50 and over you will recieve a personalised signed copy of this book and a personalised invitation to the private book launch.

For donations over £100 you will recieve all those benefits of £50 donations as well as a named mention in the book