Abode-For Children with disability in Sierra Leone

by Andrew Colyer in Sierra Leone

Abode-For Children with disability in Sierra Leone
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We are helping families with disabilities in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The project has been going for 3 years. It helps with food and shelter.

by Andrew Colyer in Sierra Leone

New stretch target

Once we purchase the land we have so much to do. We have many trees and plants we would like to plant and we need to build shelter and supply more food as our organisation grows.


Hello! My name is Andrew Colyer.


I have been involved with the Abode project after being introduced to it by Jean, who I have known for nearly 20 years.  My interest in the project comes from a history of working with community groups and youth groups over the last 30 years. I also have a daughter with disabilities. I am very aware of the difficulties people face in England, and how much more this must be in Sierra Leone, where there is no state support.  The impact on families is enormous.

After speaking to Vincent and other members of the team, I was immediately overwhelmed by the passion and dedication they had and what they were trying to achieve with so little money or other support.

I have willingly given my time to help this vital project.


Hi! I am Jean Vidler.


I have been an environmental campaigner since the 1980s. In that time I have helped quite a few initiatives and with outdoor events, most notably directing the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury Festival.  (I am also helping run Kingston Environment Centre. )

Vincent Grant contacted me as a friend of a friend and as I learned about what they are trying to achieve I was inspired to try and help.


Hello everyone, my name is Vincent Grant, a young gentleman, I was born on the 4th January 1997,in  Kpandebu, Bum Chiefdom Bonth District, Southern province Sierra Leone West Africa.


I grew up with my mother and sister in kapndebu, but went to live with my uncle in Bo town to attend school. This was a difficult situation for me and in 2014 I had to leave. Luckily my good friend Moses offered me a place to live and I was able to finish my education and start working towards my dream of helping people less fortunate than me. 

During this time I met Sarah Jane Brownlie who was working on Project Africa. I was asked to set up a research group to find ways to help the street children and people with disabilities living in poverty in Freetown. We started the research in 2017. It took many years gathering all the information we needed and we lost many members of our team along the way due to the difficult circumstances. Luckily through this process I met Jean Vidler and she came on board with our project.

We have worked so hard to get to where we are now.

In 2020 we decided to set out our own vision and set up Abode-SL.

My dream is to help people who are in need, like people with disabilities, street children, orphans, and old people who don't have family to take care of them.

We want to give Hope to all our friends here working with Abode SL.


The project aims to help families with disabilities in Freetown, Sierra Leone. At the moment it is trying to provide food and a safe place to live. We urgently need money to make the place water tight for the rainy season.

The group has use of a collection of buildings owned by the government where they can live. We are looking to cover the buildings to make them safe and dry.


Most of the members are in Sierra Leone, and commit their time to help the group. 1622752418_1f97bf5a-6197-48a8-9b78-8eff53627af2.jpegThere are 2 of us in the UK who are helping them with their cause. We have helped with emergency medical procedures, food distribution and registration of the project in Sierra Leone. We are also helping to plan for the future of the project to achieve their aims in a sustainable way.


1622989944_df0b0e87-0b15-4215-8cf4-a3b5706177a4.jpeg1622989983_2a65950e-f793-4239-9d71-ae963d567157.jpegOur hope is for Abode for Children with Disabilities SL to be largely or wholly self sufficient; and to be able to make and sell things and to grow their own food. The project wants to move to a piece of land where they can make homes, a school and a training/manufacturing centre. An area of land has been identified near Bo.

We are hoping to raise enough money to buy it.


Abode for Children with Disability Foundation Sierra Leone at 14c Syke Street, Freetown Sierra Leone was founded in 2017, is a Non-Governmental Organisation comprising of people from different backgrounds who volunteer to work together for the social and economic inclusion of adults, kids and orphans with disabilities and to bring them together for education and good healthcare facilities for the underserved populations in our local communities, in Sierra Leone.


Our vision is to be as self-sufficient as possible, to fight against disabilities and poverty and to empower individuals and communities through education, healthcare, peace and development, and to build a school and training centre for disabled adults and children. Our vision is also to build a safe environment for all the children from 5 years to 18 years where they can be supported, in Sierra Leone.


Our mission is to fight against poverty and support those with disabilities in rural communities and to give a voice to all the people with disabilities in Sierra Leone within a peaceful, just and inclusive community which respects the dignity of all people with disabilities in Sierra Leone.



Our main objective is to see the vulnerable, poor and disabled kids removed from the street and other rural communities, and be relocated to our impending centre. We intend to build disability villages for disabled people in Sierra Leone, where we have discovered a need in the research we conducted throughout.


The purpose of the research was to investigate how disabled and orphaned children were coping out on the street. We conducted the research in two districts and one community, here in Freetown. Bo District, Kenema District in southern provinces and Pa Demba road communities, Freetown, respectively, with the aim of having an understanding of how to address their immediate needs. From our research conducted on the 15th of July 2018, by our team, we made the following observations. 



The outcome of the research was that we discovered out of 100% of people we spoke to, 40% are orphans, 20% have been abandoned by their parents and guardians, 10% just do not want to go home anymore because of their parents usually marginalize them, while focusing more on their abled siblings than their disabled children. Most of them are girls. 

We also found out about the range of disabilities they had. These include polio, blindness, deaf and dumb and many more. 


Out of 100% of children, 50% have never been to school, 30% are going to school, 20% have dropped out of school because there is no more support for their education. Most of them are willing to continue their education if we can support them; others said they would do skills training if we opened the centre for them. They said if we were ready to provide their basic needs they would leave the streets.

As a result we will address the issues and show how we are planning to work on their educational systems. Our aim is to build up a school from primary level to junior and senior secondary schools. Those who are fortunate and do well will hopefully travel abroad and further their education. 

The women who spoke to Abode for Children with Disability asked for help to open a business centre for them. 


Living conditions they talked about included, going on streets to beg, people who stole at shops, offices, market places and motor parks and running after vehicles. Some consider these the only ways to afford an income for their families at home. 

For this organization to help them the food support must be the first priority, along with clothing to wear. 


They also talk about the healthcare conditions as the second problem in their communities, as a result, all these communities lack proper healthcare centres. As a result many people lose their lives. We found pregnant women were at particularly high risk in this part of the country. We aim to provide healthcare centres in the communities and try to bring in professional and medical personnel to lend their services to them.



We cannot conclude this section without presenting the names of the wonderful members who volunteer and work together to bring us this wonderful research. As a result, these are the ten members who worked hard to bring this information to you.

Mr. Vincent Grant (CEO)

Mr. Ernest J Samu (secretary)

Mr. Issa A Sheku (coordinator) 

Mr. Mohammed L Labbie

Mr. Mohammed Jongo

Mr. Francis Adu

Mr. Matthew Sandy

With this research and your help we can create a sustainable centre for children and adults with disabilities and their families. Offering support, education and healthcare and hope for the future.

Thank you for your support.

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