Aberdashery is a local and well-established haberdashery based in Aberystwyth, Wales – Aberdashery! We aim to expand and develop this much l

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Aberdashery has been trading in the area for 6 years! Unfortunately due to the current proprietor’s ill-health, the business is for sale. This shop adds to the craft industry in the area, adding a sense of place and an identity to a town, and its rural area.

Did you know that it is estimated that craft practitioners contribute £500 million to the UK rural economy!*

That the craft market in the UK is worth £3.4bn to the economy and employs a total of 150,000 people**.

Let’s continue to contribute to the community of hobby seamstresses in the area, engage with the local community, and create awareness of this amazing hobby!

Why sewing…?

The act of sewing one’s own garments is a chance to throw off the restraints of the fashion industry, in both style, and size. It also provides the freedom to express yourself, and celebrate your individuality, as each item produced is unique. It also provides the opportunity for an individual to become more ethically aware, and cease to subscribe to fast fashion.

Why Aberdashery…?

Local seamstresses do not have a large selection of supplies, there are 2 sewing shops in a 30 mile radius. Neither of which provide sewing classes to the public, and they are inaccessible for quick access, both take over an hour in travel time in which to visit, and both cater for different sewing markets such as upholstery and quilting. This area is in need of a store that offers a superior selection of high-quality fabric and haberdashery supplies and services.

It’s a generational thing:

I’ve been sewing for 20 years, having learnt to cross-stitch and the basics of sewing from my mother, who in turn learnt to sew from my grandmother, who worked as a seamstress for a local Welsh tartan company.

Why Crowdfunding?

Reaching out to our new and current customers, is a great way to raise awareness and interest in the hobby. The funds raised will go towards the capital of the business, in order to buy new stock, for example in January the Christmas orders will be placed, and in February the Spring/Summer order will be placed.

What does the future hold…?

The intention is to continue to provide customers with such a variety of quality products and services dedicated to the home and hobby seamstress, creating a central hub for the sewing community in the area. We aim to expand the variety of fabrics, patterns, and kits on offer, also engaging with the community through sewing workshops and sewing cafés, opening for beginners and the skilled. Create an online presence, compete with an online shop 

Bring a community closer!


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** http://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/what-we-do/june-2016-policy-brief/#stats on jobs