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A Relevant Space - Floatation Music/Label A Relevant Space will be a 6 track album used as the default music choice on an innovative commercial relaxation product (I-sopod). The I-sopod which is a cutting edge English made floatation tank, is currently operating in centres from three different continents and over 50 units and counting out in the field. Users of the tank listen to 10 minutes of music whilst floating in a salt solution, before drifting off into an hour long silent meditative slumber which has been scientifically proven beneficial for stress relief, physical pain relief and increased creativity. Click here for further details on how it works. What i aim to achieve for A Relevant Space using Crowdfunder is the production and promotion of my 6 track album (each track being 10 minutes long) to be used in centres world wide to help people unwind on their first 10 minutes of entering the environment, which i would otherwise not be able to produce to such a high standard/profile. It will be sent to every commercial centre that already has I-sopods operating and it will be issued to the electronics company who manufacture the on board computer to upload it as default on every unit manufactured, this will then mean that every user will have the choice of listening to one of 6 tracks to begin their session. My album will also be available for purchase as digital download for use on ones MP3 player/hi-fi for home use or used just to relax outside of the relevant space. I aim to get the project advertised in many centres worldwide as well as the home of the I-sopod, Floatworks in London Bridge which see's roughly 1300 people a month. As it will only be available for digital download i wish to increase the physical presence of the project by printing some artwork fashion t-shirts which will be sent to centres, handed out as prizes and sold with the album. Funding will cover a professional finalising process of the audio, called mastering. This is a post production process which applies corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement to my finished material. It will cover monitor speakers which i currently do not have but are essential for audio production. It will also cover physical merchandise used to promote the project such as artistic t-shirts and flyer costs. A percentage of what i raise will be used to pay crowdfunder, this has also been considered into total cost. IF I REACH MY GOAL OF £1500 * The project goes ahead * You receive your reward IF I DON'T REACH MY GOAL OF £1500 * The project does NOT go ahead * You receive your money back I aim to set up my own digital label for the release of this album and i fully intend to keep the label running for future releases featuring up and coming artists as a personal side project. This will mainly focus on ambient and techno based compositions. A Relevant space will be inspired by organic and ambient sound using my current production equipment which i have slowly been collecting over the last few years.Facebook page for mentions and updates and the thank you feed. Floatation Centre Examples:London, EnglandTaipei, TaiwanFrisco, TX. USA

by sircle in London

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