A Zoo Wedding
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I want to raise enough money to have a zoo wedding for my elephant mad partner

by adbhuk in Orton Northgate, England, United Kingdom

I suffer from anxiety, depression and type 2 diabetes. I also have financial issues. Whilst I know that financial issues are my own doing, I want people to look past that and be kind to help me raise the money to hold a wedding at a zoo for my partner and I. The average cost of a wedding is a ridiculous amount and just getting a registrar can be a stupid price. I would like you to help out. I get that crowd funding for a wedding isn't the best thing to do and isnt really socially acceptable or within a great ettiquette, however sometimes a need musts. 

If 3000 people donated a £1 each then that would be the fund completed.

Please help. Please do not troll and ridicule as I have been open and honest and your behaviour will be reported to the police. 

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