Planet Thrive - a Zero Waste Shop for Winchester

by Amanda Ridgley in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

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Please support us in launching a Zero Waste / Plastic Free shop inside Thrive Cafe and Wellbeing and help our Planet Thrive!

by Amanda Ridgley in Winchester, England, United Kingdom

Planet Thrive - A Zero Waste Shop for Winchester

What is Planet Thrive?

We’re planning to set up a zero-waste store inside Thrive Cafe and Wellbeing to bring the community of Winchester the opportunity to buy everyday grocery products without unnecessary plastic packaging and we need your help to make this happen.

The Cafe will still operate but on a slightly smaller scale - we envisage having up to 50 dispensers running along one wall of the cafe with shelving below for sustainable products including personal and household cleaning products.  We want to make it an inspirational place to shop bringing you the latest products from local suppliers and producers of funky new materials without the use of plastic. We're super excited to see whats out there and to help our community start living a more simple, less wasteful life.

Why are we Doing this?

To help reduce the amount of single - use plastics ultimately going into landfill and finding its way to our oceans, killing sea life, impacting our climate, destroying communities and potentially ending back into our food chain.

Why do I believe in this?

Because my passion is promoting wellbeing and nurturing the community, but we cannot feel well if we are not living in harmony with our environment. As a yoga teacher we practice 'Ahimsa' which stands for non-harming of animals, our environment and ourselves. I believe that if the choices we make about how we live are not ethically sound, this causes 'dis-ease' in mind and body.  We cannot ignore our impact on this beautiful planet any longer.  We are blessed to inhabit such an amazingly vibrant, varied, inspiring, self sufficient and forgiving planet. But we are destroying it with our convenient, mindless, selfish choices we're making every second and we have to pause and consider how we can do things better.

Please take a moment to watch this clip from Jane Goodall - Mother Earth

I believe our environment to be much the same as the body. We can abuse it for a sustained amount of time but eventually it will become sick and begin to fail.

I could go on as I strongly believe we are living in such a politically fragmented and uncertain time that we need something concrete to believe in.  We need a reason to join together again, find common ground with our neighbours and friends and do something positive for our future and generations to come.

What is the Problem with Plastic?

Plastic Pollution is currently one of our biggest environmental concerns.  Just take a moment (if you haven't already) to listen to Greta Thunberg's powerful message recently for the UN.

Plastic carries toxic pollutants that damage the environment and cause land, water, and air pollution.

On Land:  On land, wind carries plastic throughout the environment. It can get stuck in trees, fences, traffic lights, or other structures. When animals come into contact with this plastic waste, they risk consuming the toxins or becoming entangled in the plastic and suffocating. 

Almost 200 different species of animals are known to ingest plastic debris.

In Water:  The pollution in the ocean is mostly from plastic, and it has a devastating impact on marine species. As a result, it can damage the economy and food supply for communities that rely on fishing.

Tiny organisms like plankton, which larger animals rely on for food are ingesting plastic, the animals that then eat them are also consuming toxins. The toxins work their way up the food chain and can even be present in the fish people eat.

Not only does plastic cause damage to the ocean, but it can also damage groundwater sources. 

When litter is dumped, plastic toxins can seep into the groundwater, which people drink every day.

In The Air:   When plastic is burned in the open air, it releases large amounts of toxins, which pollutes the air. If the toxins are inhaled for a long period of time, it can lead to respiratory problems.

Many regions have seen a decrease in tourism because of the amount of pollution in their environment, which can have a serious impact on local economies.

Why is Only 9% of Plastic Recyclable?

Over half of the UK’s recyclable waste is sent overseas for recycling.

There is a huge range of different types of plastic used in disposable products and packaging. 

For instance, a plastic bag with a foil lining or a disposable coffee cup made of paper with a plastic lining. These are especially difficult and expensive to separate. And we just don't have the facilities in the UK due to lack of investment to recycle all the plastic we produce.

The only real way of breaking down plastic is through a process called photodegradation. This kind of decomposition requires UV rays which strike the plastic, breaking the bonds holding the long molecular chain together. Over time, this can turn large pieces of plastic into tiny fragments.

Plastic in landfill doesn’t see the light of day but the ocean where tons of plastic bottles, bags and other plastic items are discarded are bathed in sunlight in the water and breakdown into tiny fragments which are then consumed as food by sea life. 


Humanity created this problem, and humanity still can do everything in its power to reverse or at least slow down these devastating impacts by....

  • Becoming more mindful about how much plastic you're actually using and start making better choices about what you buy and where you buy it.
  • Using a bag-for-life or better still use a cardboard box or carry a handy string bag for your shopping instead of paying 10p for a plastic bag.
  • Carrying a re-usable water bottle instead of a single-use plastic water bottle and download the 'refil' app on your phone to see where you can fill up your water for free.
  • Investing in your own re-fillable coffee cup - many coffee shops including Thrive offer discounts for using your own refillable coffee cups so its worth it in the end.
  • Avoiding using plastic straws. If you like using straws, you can purchase a reusable glass or stainless steel straw. 
  • Using washable recycled cotton make up pads instead of disposable wipes and invest in a bamboo toothbrush
  • Pledging in our new zero-waste shop - Planet Thrive opening soon within Thrive Cafe and Wellbeing and come along and start doing your weekly shop with us.

So How Can Planet Thrive Help?

By providing a wide variety of household grocery products for you to buy without plastic packaging.

Customers simply need to bring in their own container or use one of ours donated by the community, weigh exactly what they need and enjoy a range of wholesome, mindfully sourced products guilt - free and at a lower price than in the supermarket.

We recently did a survey in the cafe and 100% of the surveys came back stating that customers wanted to see a zero-waste shop come to Thrive.  We also asked customers about the kinds of products they would like to see and these included things like: 

Breakfast cereals /  cleaning detergents / personal hygiene products, / nuts / rice / pasta /  sourdough bread /  eggs /  honey / oil / herbs / tea  /  coffee - the list was pretty endless but we feel confident that we can comfortably fit around up to 50 gravity dispensers that will allow us to provide a  comprehensive product range for the community. 

Thrive Cafe and Wellbeing is in a perfect location in the suburbs of the City with free parking and is already established as a destination for healthy food.

We've already started networking with some fantastic suppliers and cant wait to bring it to life.

How Can I Help?

Make a donation towards the set up of the shop.

Tell as many people as you can about what a great idea it is and be actively involved in helping us build a more plastic conscious community by attending our workshops and visiting us in our new store.

How will your donations be used?

To fit out the shop with shelving and dispensers, buy stock, weighing scales and point of sale equipment and software.  


Thank you for reading or watching the video, if you want to know more, get involved as a supplier, workshop provider on sustainable living ideas or work in our store - please contact me at


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

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Founding Member + Thrive Membership

Have your name / business name promoted as a founding sponsor on all social media, advertising and in the store. Plus 10% off all your purchases in the cafe and shop (valid for 6 months) and priority booking for workshops.

£5 or more

Bamboo Toothbrush

Get started on your plastic free journey with a Bamboo Toothbrush and a big thank you hug from us!

£15 or more

Limited Edition Planet Thrive Pin & Tote Bag

Where your support with our Limited Planet Thrive Pin and carry our branded tote bag with pride

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Herbal Tea Hamper

Receive a herbal tea hamper carefully selected by our wellbeing team

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Vegetarian / Vegan Breakfast at Thrive for 4

Enjoy a Vegetarian / Vegan Breakfast at Thrive Cafe and Wellbeing for 4 (must book ahead)

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10% Off first 10 Purchases + Planet Thrive Hamper

Enjoy 10% off your first 10 shops at Planet Thrive, and receive a bamboo toothbrush, Limited Edition Pin and tote bag, pair of bamboo socks and herbal tea selection

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Sponsor a Dispenser + Thrive Membership

Have your name as a Sponsor on one of our dispensers and become an exclusive member giving you 10% off all your purchases in the cafe and shop (valid for 6 months) and priority booking for workshops.

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Hire Our Cafe for Your Event + Thrive Membership

Take over our cafe for your event and we'll throw in some free tea and coffee. Up to 40 guests. Plus 10% off all your purchases in the cafe and shop (valid for 6 months) and priority booking for workshops.

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