A Yorkshire Dales Dream

A Yorkshire Dales Dream

Premises serving a triple purpose! : A Retreat/Reiki/Art Studio + a home for me + close to my 83 year old Gran to support her independence.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Having lived the nomadic existence of a house & pet sitter this past 3 years, I am now making the equally bold move of committing to one place! ~ Gods Own Country and my Heart-Home, Yorkshire. 


My dream is a space which serves myself and my community, my tribe, AND my family. 

(1) It will be my Art Studio, Healing Room and the place from which I build my art, healing and coaching business which I hope will include wonderful creative and healing retreats for all of you who wish to actually come visit me and The Dales.

(2) It will of course be my own Sacred Space, my Home. I have lived in other people's houses around 1999, so it has been an ASTOUNDING 17 or 18 years since I had a place of my own (with the exception of the week that I spent in Settle this year, when I rented a holiday cottage there to test run the little town as a place to live).  Words cannot adequately express just how much my heart and soul ache for my own space from which to grow my new iteration of my self employment and my Self.


(3) A big motivator to my moving to the Skipton area in particular is being close to my 83 year old Gran. Having test-run life in Settle in September, I have come to the decision that living in the same county as Gran, and yet an hour's round trip from her place, simply does not make sense when the opportunity to support her is there. If I live in Skipton then Settle and Bolton Abbey and other wonderful places, are a half hour (or so) drive away which would be wonderful,  and yet I would be able to come and assist Gran at a moment's notice whenever she needed me. The inevitable signs of ageing are just now emerging (memory issues and more confusion than used to occur) and before they grow any more severe, I would dearly love for at least one family member to be close by to her.  She is fiercely independent that woman! I feel that my living within a mile or so of her, would enable her to maintain her independence and live in her own home for as long as is humanly possible. What an amazing bonus to making this particular choice. I feel like the universe has been communicating with me - or trying to get through to me! - for over a year now, and has been bringing everything into alignment to make this happen.  


THREE beautiful outcomes (although I suspect there will be even more ripples can currently be envisioned) from one life decision. 

I do not feel like this goal is my own alone.  It is ours: it is mine, and my art friends, my coaching clients, my biz followers, my pet sitting clients, it is my family's, my online friends and my Soul Sisters, my future customers and clients, and future attendees of my workshops and retreats.  


Those who have been following my travels know that I frequently visit my Gran in Skipton in The Yorkshire Dales, and I ADORE the nearby location Bolton Abbey which is a pilgrimage site for me, but for some reason I have never before considered actually moving there myself.  It is the place in which I find the most feathers. The place in which I do the most writing and make the most art and take the most photographs. It is the place I speak to 'strangers' the most.  And it is the kind of landscape which soothes my soul in a way that defies words.  

Last September, falling in love with a folk singer (who to this day I haven't spoken to! They were I feel, the spark to catch my attention) and falling in love with folk music the Universe plonked me in the middle of the Settle Folk Gathering, lead to me falling in love with the Settle area as well (approx 17 miles from Skipton). It's amazing folk music culture, friendly pubs, the frequent entertainment on in Victoria Hall, the friendly people, the peace and quiet... the list goes on.

For the first time I began to truly consider Yorkshire as the place I next call home.  

I was born and bred in London and gradually edged my way up the A1 motorway, first to Welwyn Garden City, then Knebworth, then Lincolnshire, but none of those places captured my heart. {Up until now only Australia had captured my heart when I spend a month there from Dec 2000-Jan 2001}.  I assumed that I would fall in love with a particular area during my pet sitting travels but that hadn't happened either.  Not until my grand awakening in September of 2016 did this seed begin to sprout and grow into a dream that did end up capturing my heart. 


I do not fulfil the criteria for a rental contract, even if I were to have a guarantor. Being self employed and only receiving cash to pretty much cover food and fuel since I began this house sitting adventure means that the only way I can secure a six month rental is by paying the costs up front.  My target amount covers many of my costs for six months - six months worth of rent, plus another months rent as deposit, plus letting agent fees, plus council tax.  It takes the pressure off for six months.  It buys me time.  It gives me six months of breathing space in which to grow my business from the static base that I have never before had.  I have never had an art studio. ever.   Art is something which found me only just before I took to the road in my car.  So I have been unable to get my artwork printed on greetings cards, prints, bags, mugs, and so on because I have had nowhere to store them until now.  I also haven't been able to work BIG; my favourite way to let loose and create.  

Having my own art studio will mean I can have the big canvases out. That is when things get really exciting! :o)   It also covers the major appliances that I will need to buy at the start.  {Should I be lucky enough to find a furnished property then I will use this amount to cover the gas, electric and water bills instead, giving me even more breathing space within which to build my new vision of my MultiPreneurship.}


Here is the deal. I do not need a 'sitting room', a lounge, a living room. The majority of the UK use their sitting room as a television room. I have not had a television for 5 years, and I have no intention of getting one.  My LIVING room will be used for LIVING - and this is how I want to live, what I want to spend my time on : : Making paintings, mixed media art, dreamcatchers, jewellery and other creations; giving Reiki Healing to animals and humans; returning to my love of Intuitive Holistic Life Coaching groups, couples, and individuals; doing oracle card readings; and helping people to feel free inside of their beautiful lives by teaching EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, a process I have used myself to get myself over all of the many blocks I have with creating this very Crowdfunding Campaign (shame, embarrassment, doubt, unworthiness, guilt - you name it!).

The largest (or brightest) room in my new place will be my Studio - *my* version of a LIVING room.  An Art Studio, A Healing Room, and the Heart Hub of my Soul Business  ~ the place in which I will create all of my e-courses, film my art workshops, hold Skype Sessions and virtual coffee dates, and where I shall dream up Retreat holidays so that I may welcome my Soul Sisters from all over the globe to the cobbled streets, the stone walls, the castles and canalways and green Dales of Yorkshire (I seriously CANNOT wait for that bit!).  


I have chosen to set this Crowdfunding Campaign on an All-Or-Nothing basis.

What this means is that you pledge your chosen amount/s (feel free to donate what you can, when you can, as often as you like!) BUT if I *DO NOT* reach my goal of £7K, and therefore I cannot make this cold turkey transition as it were, then your money is simply returned to you as is - Crowdfunder UK will not take any commission from your donations if we do not manage to reach my initial target amount. 

If we *DO* reach the target amount of £7000 or more, only then will Crowdfunder take 6% for their commission, and also 2% for using their payment system.


"1:1 Session" = one 45 minute session with Angela {over Skype or FaceTime or Google Hangout} which can be used for holistic coaching, Reiki healing, EFT, a combination thereof, or for an oracle card Reading.

"Skype Date" = one half hour informal tea/coffee date with me over Skype in which we simply chat or make art/craft/create together!


You are free to donate any amount you wish on a no-strings-attached basis if that feels good to you! You are not obliged to select a reward. If you do like the rewards however, here is what is on offer : : 

[1] £30 ~ Pledge £30 and receive full access to my private behind-the-scenes blog containing updates and photographs and videos of my whole journey from nomadic to static living.

[2] £50 ~ Pledge £50 and you receive reward no. [1] PLUS a £20 discount off any current or future e-course/ group programme / oracle card reading {to be used within six months of me moving into my Studio}.

[3] £80 ~ Pledge £80 and receive reward [1] + [2] PLUS! a 30 minute Skype Date (a virtual tea, coffee or art date with yours truly) ~ total value £100.

[4] £200 ~ Pledge £200 and receive rewards [1] + [2] + [3] PLUS! either an original piece of art (created within six months of moving into my art studio) OR a 1:1 session (45 mins of coaching, EFT, Reiki, intuitive guidance or a combination thereof, or a card reading) ~ total value of at least £220.

...plus! at all levels : : probably the odd surprise here and there ;o)

If you managed to read this far, I cannot thank you enough!

Just your time and attention to this dream adds fuel to the fire and adds energy to its manifesting mojo.  

If you would like to help even further please would you consider sharing the link to this page with your circles?  

There ARE actually folk out there as barmy as I am! and who love to support people that they don't even know personally.  I know this because I have done so myself on many occasions.  Let's all be crazy romantics together huh! and dare to dream big impossible dreams that we do not even know how to pull off.  

Let us encourage the dreamers, share our vulnerabilities, and step into the creative, fresh new visions of our lives. 

856 people follow me on Instagram, 1511 people are connected with me on Facebook, and I have more than 15 family members who care about me. My target amount seems unreachable on its own, but out of those 2382 people, just 350 of you pledged £20, we would be there! We would have done it! The Yorkshire Dales Art Studio and Heart-Hub of Nomad Dreams would be a reality! I would be living close to my Mum's Mum, easing and supporting this amazing Wise Woman's twilight years. Did I tell you that my 83 year old Gran goes to the gym twice a week? No? Well, she does!  When home computers first became popular she didn't want to be left behind and so she took herself into the library and signed up for the Silver Surfers course! She is a constant source of inspiration.  

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you! 

I feel blessed to have you in my world,

Angela    xxx

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