A William Wordsworth hotel

To purchase the lease for the Rydal Lodge Hotel, part of the Rydal estate where William Wordsworth lived. It is a 16th century building

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Rydal Lodge hotel dates back to the 16th century. It is a 7 bedroom hotel with coffee shop located in the small hamlet of Rydal in the Lake district.  We are looking to purchase the lease and develop the hotel (which is currently operating on a B&B basis) to one which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner via it's restaurant and coffee shop. Our target audiences are people with a historic interest in Wordsworth and passing walkers who frequent this area as the hotel is at the start and end of numerous very popular walks. We aim to modernise the bedrooms and  bring the hotel up to date with 21st century living, whilst maintaining all of it's historic character and charm.

The market is clearly divided into two sections:
1) visitors from the UK who go to the lake district to walk the beautiful walks and view the stunning breathtaking scenery it has to offer. These are split into short and long stay visitors, short being 2-3 night stays and long anything above that. These visitors also take in the many historic interests the area offers.
2) Visitors from abroad come mainly for the historic connections such as William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter. China and the far East market is growing in the region at a very speedy rate. This is an area we are looking to develop with a USP that William Wordsworth stayed at Rydal Lodge.