A Whisper in the Noise

by Lily Roberts in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

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A 10 minute narrative science-fiction film, exploring the necessity of staying human in a world where we are forgetting what it means.

by Lily Roberts in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

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If this goal is reached a further £500 will fund our festival entries, allowing 'A Whisper in the Noise' to reach a wider audience and help to bring a greater production value to the Film. 

About the Film


Once upon a time in the near future, there lived Rian and Rose, divorced parents attempting to mend their long broken relationship. When a terrifying event began dismantling their sanity and humanity, they embarked on a journey through the lost and forgotten, in hopes of reaching their daughter and a happily ever after.

Why This is Important

"A Whisper in the Noise" presents us with a near-future world, which is nevertheless very close to the contemporary one we live in. It highlights our increasing integration with technology and aims to show what we risk losing or what we have, in some sense, already lost, due to our laziness and passiveness, when it comes to considering how we should view and handle technology. Our film does not aim to demonise technology but it seeks to remind us some of the constants of human life which seem to be increasingly forgotten in the Western society overloaded with information, where physical and real human connection is becoming rare. Looking at the state of our world at these times, we truly believe such a simple message to be important. And we also believe that there is no more effective medium for reminding what being human is all about than cinema.

We have drawn thematic inspiration from dystopian science fiction films and television, from the likes of "Black Mirror", Alfonso Cuaron's "Children of Men" and John Hillcoat's "The Road". However, we attempt to create something novel and interesting by mixing the bleak world of these films with the imagery of fairytales, as felt in Andrew Lang's "Fairy Books" and fantasy films like "Return to Oz" or "Into the Woods". All of this is being built around a story about a broken family trying to heal itself. If done right, this mix would work as something effective and emotional, offering the audience a very human experience, a feeling out of a Terrence Malick film. 

As up and coming filmmakers and creators we see the immense teaching potential this project has to offer. We take this opportunity to not only learn more about our craft but to also learn how to build a positive production culture where every member’s voice and opinion is valued, where everyone is able to do their best and be their best. At the end of the day, we want to create something we are proud of and enjoy making. 

Who Are We?

The Crew 


Director - Kennet Kärema

Born and raised in Tallinn, Estonia, Kennet came to study film at Falmouth University two years ago. Besides directing two short films, Kennet has also been working in the camera department on music videos and a recent Cornwall-based feature film Long Way Back (2020, dir. Brett Harvey), as well as developing skills in screenwriting and editing. “A Whisper in the Noise is definitely the most challenging but also the most exciting project I have ever undertaken and my goal is not only to tell an original story that connects with me (and hopefully others) but to first and foremost enjoy the process of making it and the chance of collaborating with other talented creative people.”

Producer - Lily Roberts

Originally from Wiltshire Lily moved to Falmouth to follow her goal of working in the film industry. She is excited to produce A Whisper In The Noise and help create a story that explores techno paranoia and the growing collective unease about the modern technological world. 

Director of Photography - Rebecca Algeo

Originally from Ireland, Rebecca is a film student specialising in Cinematography. She is working on numerous 3rd year projects and is keen in taking a leading role as Director of Photography on Whispers in the Noise. “I look forward to telling this story in a unique visual style that represents the mood and intensity of the film. 

Sound Designer - Aaron Mason 

Aaron, from Gloucester, is the sound designer. Aaron grew up immersed in scifi films and video games and is thrilled to be working on a film in a science-fiction world. In which, he can explore the futuristic soundscape through a minimalist and subliminal filter.

Editor - Billy Child 

Billy left his home of 18 years in South Yorkshire to study and live in Falmouth, Cornwall. The past 2 years has shaped his career as an assistant editor and DIT, working on Australian metalcore music videos to a British feature-length road movie. He is inspired by the local filmmakers around him, and combines this with his passion for the editing craft to give something back to cinema. A Whisper in the Noise is a challenging project that plays with continuity and contrasting visual aesthetics. Billy will play a vital role in fusing the sci-fi and fairytale elements through his craft. Favourite films include; Napoleon Dynamite, Anchorman 2 and Interstellar. 

Why We Need You

With an estimated budget of £2,000 we need you to help us make our vision a reality. With this funding we will be able to hire proffessional actors, beautiful locations, as well as all the props and costumes needed to bring this project to life.  


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