A Wheelchair for Luisa

by kellie Steed in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

A Wheelchair for Luisa
We did it
On 23rd June 2017 we successfully raised £1,015 with 30 supporters in 56 days

To aid a friend who recently and unexpectedly lost the ability to stand or walk entirely, to purchase a much required powered wheelchair.

by kellie Steed in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom


Luisa is a 27 year old Stepmother to a beautiful five year old boy, Liam, a dedicated partner to her Fiancé' Chris and school governor in Birmingham, where she lives with her family. She is also a disability blogger, a good friend and constant source of disability related support and advice to me personally. For these reasons and many more,  we aim to raise enough money to help her to fund the powered wheelchair that she so desperately needs and deserves, in order to live an independent and fulfilling life.


A few weeks ago, Luisa suddenly lost the use of her legs. This was entirely unexpected and as yet completely unexplained. She has spent 2 weeks in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and undergone numerous tests, however, doctors are currently no closer to being able to provide a reason for this, or advise whether it will be progressive or even permanent.

Luisa has suffered with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos syndrome for most of her adult life. The condition causes incredibly stretchy joints, leading to constant pain and frequent dislocations. Living with chronic pain and mobility issues myself, I understand what an impact this type of condition alone, can have upon your life.

To now have to deal with the awful indignity of being literally stuck in bed, in her living room, unable to reach simple human necessities such as her bathroom and kitchen, due to the wheelchair on loan from the hospital being too big to get through her doorways, is just too much for anyone to bear. Luisa is now entirely dependent on her family and carers as she is at a high risk of falls. If the lack of independence isn't enough, she no longer feels like she can participate in family life, or leave the house!

What we need:

Although it is possible that Luisa will be entitled to a £400 voucher from NHS wheelchair services, this would cover less than 10% of the cost of the wheelchair that she actually needs.

In order for Luisa to get around independently, she would require a specialist powered wheelchair with a non-standard seat size, and due to foraminal stenosis, would also need specialist lumber support. Frequent dislocations mean that a self propelled wheelchair is not an option for her, so the overall cost of a powered wheelchair with the specifications to fit Luisa's requirements would be in the region of £4.5k

What you can do:

If, like us, you believe that Nobody should be reduced to living under these circumstances in modern day Britain, please support our campaign in whichever way you can. Whether you can afford a donation, or if not, if you would simply be willing to share and promote Luisa's story, we would be so grateful for your help.

Thank you so much for your interest

Kellie and Emma


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