A Walking Shadow - A Short Film

Our aim is to produce the short film, 'A Walking Shadow' and in so doing allow each of us the opportunity to search for The Meaning of Life.

We did it!

On 12th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £140 with 4 supporters in 42 days

A Walking Shadow

'Some auditions you just can’t prepare for'


There is a gift of such beauty and wonder, of which each and every one of us has been bestowed.

A momentous offering accorded at the very moment of our creation.

And this all-inclusive inheritance affords us the most amazing of chances: To dream, to create, to inspire.

It is the greatest thing in the universe: 

The Gift of Life.


'When Rikki attends an audition for Macbeth she couldn't dare to imagine the real reason of the tryout.

Believing she's alone, Rikki climbs onto the stage and begins practising a few lines, but is soon brought to an abrupt halt when the mysterious Sam appears and applauds her efforts.

What follows is an encounter of fantastical proportions that will leave both Rikki and Sam changed and beyond compare.'


A short film that will resonate with so many, A Walking Shadow is a dialogue-driven drama that empowers us all to manifest every thought, to express every feeling and to realise every dream.

This is why together we can bring about a unique and inspiring work of art that transcends our everyday lives and lifts each of us to an enlightened place of clarity.

Be a player of insight who, upon this stage, struts and frets your hour – bestowed with purpose and meaning.

Journey with us and discover that the very existence of Death is what truly allows us all the incredible opportunity to search for The Meaning of Life.


'The Universe will reveal all kinds of magic as soon as we open our hearts to it'


About Us:

Bradley Barton

Writer / Producer / Director

Bradley studied at The London International Film School where he operated camera on and co-wrote / produced two documentaries that went on to be shown at various European film festivals. His time at the school gave him a firm foundation in filmmaking and he has subsequently gone on to write five feature film scripts and several short film scripts.

He has also acquired much experience in theatre, having directed, produced and acted in numerous shows.

Beware! Bradley has a tendency to display a child-like sense of humour when allowed.

His favourite films include: Harvey, Mary Poppins and The Ninth Configuration.

His favourite authors include: Bernard Shaw, H.P. Lovecraft and Arthur Conan Doyle.

Passionate about the evolution and potential of the human race, both physically and spiritually, Bradley now brings his all-round fervent approach to both film and life in general, to create works of art that move the heart and inspire the soul.

Believing that the essence of life is to live it to its fullness was the inspiration for Bradley to write A WALKING SHADOW and now he intends to manifest his dream into reality and share it with others.

Alice Ryan

Producer / Director

Alice is an Essex based actor and has been performing since the age of 8, when she first was introduced to the joys of acting at Ridley Drama Studios in Leigh-on-sea. She has been lucky enough to be part of many theatrical productions in and around Essex, including premiere performances of Peter Finlay’s ‘L’Occupation’ and Hoffman productions ‘The Tube’.

 She continued acting and even dabbled in backstage work whilst studying English and Drama at ARU in Cambridge, and since continuing her education at Rose Bruford University has gone on to work with many talented and creative people in some very exciting projects.

 Alice’s talents have extended to regular radio work as a traffic and travel presenter across commercial and BBC stations. Lending her voice to corporate videos and radio adverts also.

 Throughout her career she has had the pleasure of being part of award winning short films, web series’ and independent features. This is her first venture into producing/ directing since University and she is loving the challenge!

 A WALKLING SHADOW is a well-written emotive film that Alice enjoyed from the first read and hopes you will too.

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