A Voyage of the Easy Sisters Ed Fringe 2017

Fridge Magnet are heading to Edinburgh this summer for their fringe debut with A Voyage of the Easy Sisters. Help us make it happen!

We did it!

On 5th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £1,640 with 59 supporters in 28 days

A Voyage of the Easy Sisters, 14-28 August, 5.15pm, C Venues Royale Midi.

So what's this about then?
It’s just another Sunday morning for the Easy Sister goddesses; ill-advised jagerbombs, lost tampons and wanking mermaids are behind them. But little do they know, something catastrophic, world destroying and likely to be dressed in a crotch hugging pant suit, is about to cause havoc. Something the Easy Sisters must defeat despite their hangovers. Never underestimate the power of social media, modern dating, political correctness and … disco biscuits.  

Fridge Magnet's fringe debut seemlessly blends greek mythology with modern day 'first world problems' opening up a dialogue regarding the wider issue; society just wants women to be 'basic bitches'. 

Why should I fund? 
It's no secret that Edinburgh Fringe costs and arm and a leg even when you're pulling in favours from friends and reusing costumes from your old dance competition days. Taking a Voyage of the Easy Sisters to the Fringe would not only be pivitol for the development of Fridge Magnet, but is also essential in universalising the 'Greek mythology meets hashtags' comedy movement.  

Where is it on?
If you're feeling sassy, go ahead and book a ticket for the Edinburgh Fringe run HERE. We're on every night 5.15pm 14-28 August at C Venues Royale Midi. 
Can't make it to Edinburgh? No sweat sis, come along to our preview at the Hen and Chickens, 30th July at 9.30pm. Get your tickets HERE

And who are these Fridge Magnet people?
Fridge Magnet was formed in 2015 to provide a platform for some funny stuff to show people and comprises of Anabel Barnston, Megan Hockley, Mike Rowling and Alice Sainsbury.

Take a peek and subscribe to our Youtube channel HERE

Comedy series, Expenses Only, was co-written by Fridge Magnet members, Megan Hockley and Anabel Barnston culminating in a full length TV pilot and subsequent webseries. Cast includes, Blue Peter legend Janet Ellis, W1A’s David Westhead and rising star, Paul G Raymond.

The team are currently writing and producing their first radio sketch show, Archer Street, for award winning Soho Radio under the stewardship of Paul Merton's Impro Chums alumnus, Suki Webster.  

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